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PRS John Mayer 'Stratocaster' Istagram

PRS John Mayer 'Stratocaster' Instagram  ·  Source: PRS/Facebook/Instagram


This PRS guitar was first seen being played live by John Mayer last year and there were a few grainy shots of him wielding one back in April accompanied by some YouTube video footage of the gig as well.


PRS John Mayer Strat?

This morning, John Mayer updated his Instagram with this detailed shot of the guitar but in a red finish this time.

As yet we have zero details on this guitar, but I can tell you that the Facebook PRS Guitar Owners Worldwide Group is now getting pretty excited about this latest sighting of this possible new Mayer Signature model guitar.


What can we tell from this one picture? Well, we can see it has the obligatory PRS ‘Bird’ inlays and that there is a new Fender style six-point trem with vintage bent saddles rather than the more usual PRS-style bridge.

Also, there are three single coils and what appears to be traditional Volume, Tone, Tone control layout. They aren’t marked on the tops of the knobs like a Fender. I presume it will be a 5-way switch on there as well.

Are we about to see a new John Mayer Signature model in 2018? This could be very interesting and I would imagine that it would divide opinion, putting the cat amongst the pigeons – PRS fans tend to be quite a conservative bunch.

I reckon Fender may well have something to say about all this as well, but we will have to wait and see if there is any gravity to this new photo and hope there are some details forthcoming soon.


PRS John Mayer 'Stratocaster'

PRS John Mayer ‘Stratocaster’




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7 responses to “Is the PRS John Mayer ‘Stratocaster’ about to drop?”

  1. Jackplate is different contour as well as is the lower bout cutaway which necessitates the change to the pickguard on that side. Actually, unless PRS puts a “Fender” headstock on the guitar, Fender can’t say boo about the guitar any more than they can about the “Strat” clones from Suhr, John Page, or even Vintage or Harley Benton.

    • Jef says:

      I was thinking more Fender artist relations wondering how they messed up with him, as he will be associated with Strats for most of his most famous records. Fender really lost a pretty big name with Mr Mayer jumping ship.

      • Peter says:

        to my understanding… John wanted to do something along the lines of EVH and have his signature brand… that would include Mayer designed guitars and amps with his personal touches and Fender didn’t feel he was worth the investment or have the selling power that Eddie has so they told him NO!
        Which lead to him departing Fender as a signature artist. He also worked closely with several other companies but ended up going with Paul because of the partnership with the guitars and amps.

      • Well, the RUMOR going around is that Fender was demanding that Mayer not perform live with any guitars except those sold by Fender (with the exception supposedly of Martin acoustics) AND that he could only have Fender amps onstage (even if they were just for show and he didn’t play thru them) and would have to hide his favored Dumble amps. Supposedly the amp thing was the deal breaker for Mayer.

        • Jef says:

          Interesting, like to see Fender try that with any of their other artists. Not convinced they would have anyone left after though.

  2. Ben Barnett says:

    PRS announces… the Fender Stratocaster.

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