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PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary front

PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary front  ·  Source: PRS


It’s been 50 years since the landmark Santana album, Abraxas. And to mark the occasion, PRS has announced a new, limited edition PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary model. The special commemorative guitars will feature the Abraxas angel, and will be limited to 1000 guitars worldwide. 


PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary

The new PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary limited-run model features a mahogany body with a maple top, and is finished with the Abraxas angel. You get a 24.5” scale length Wide Fat mahogany neck, a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets, and a PRS SE tremolo.

“It is an honor to co-join with PRS Guitars in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Abraxas with a new Santana SE Abraxas 50 guitar. Abraxas represents beauty, power, grace and the mystical, and PRS allows you to access this vocabulary at your fingertips with the universal tone that delivers power and clarity, allowing you to find your own voice in your heart’s music. We invite you to spread your wings and find your voice with this beautiful instrument!,”
– Carlos Santana

PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary · Source: PRS

Santana “S” humbuckers

The guitar comes loaded with a pair of PRS SE Santana “S” treble and bass humbuckers, wired via single volume and tone controls, and a three-way toggle switch. It should be the usual high-quality guitar one expects from a PRS SE model. And it should be perfect for most genres, not just blues and rock.


PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary · Source: PRS

Limited Edition

But if you’re eyeing one, take into account that only 1000 of these guitars will be available worldwide. Which means they could sell out relatively quickly. Especially as Carlos Santana has a lot of fans, and the Abraxas album is a masterpiece. I suspect it will be popular just like the PRS SE King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King model from 2019 was.

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PRS SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary front

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2 responses to “PRS celebrates 50 years of Abraxas with the SE Santana Abraxas 50th Anniversary model”

    James says:

    Not normally a fan of PRS but that looks like it’s a great instrument for the price. A good tribute to a real legend of the music industry. Alas, I fear most of them will end up on Reverb within days of being sold.

    L. Gopnick says:

    “I didn’t ASK for Santana Abraxas,
    I didn’t LISTEN to Santana Abraxas,
    I didn’t DO anything!”

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