Gibson CES guitar model

New Gibson at CES Show  ·  Source:

Gibson Prototype CES show 2017

Gibson Prototype CES show 2017. From mylespaul forum user PierM  ·  Source: mylespaul forum / PierM

The UK guitar forum ‘thefretboard’ has an interesting thread about a possible new Gibson guitar model, which as yet has no name. A picture taken at the CES Show gives an indication of what we could expect from the US guitar firm.


Well, they certainly look different to Gibson’s traditional models, although there might be a little similarity to its Tak Matsumoto signature model.

CES is a consumer electronics show, so it is interesting that Gibson chose this US trade show to show off new guitar models, especially with Winter NAMM Show just around the corner. I will, of course, update you with any more information as I get it, but for now, head over to forum and have a look through the original thread posted earlier this afternoon.

Check out the image below and comment on your thoughts here and over at the forum.

Gibson CES new model

New Gibson? Taken at CES Show this weekend. . .




by Jef
  • Randy Martin

    Love them!

    • Jef

      Have to admit I like the look. Not sure about 24 frets with that access though… But they look good.

  • Dave George


    • Jef

      At least it’s not a Firebird-X…

  • Brian Tea

    Needs a more streamlined headstock and a whammy bar

    • Jef

      Whammy bar – yes, headstock -no… I like the headstock! But, hey, great feedback.

  • Josh


  • Jp

    What about the guitar behind the three colors of the prototype? It looks like a solid body Barney Kessel

  • jmbw

    If these had a standard LP configuration, they would be totally amazing… possibly the best electric guitar ever made. The thing I don’t like about the DC is the 2 knobs and 3 way down by the knobs. Put the 3 way on the horn, and keep the 4 knobs down below, give it an aggresive top cap carve, and WOW! Perfection.