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Mooer Audio GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit

Mooer Audio GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit  ·  Source: Mooer


The new Mooer Audio GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit has 55 onboard amp models, nine effects blocks and a looper with 80 seconds of recording time. Not bad for a compact floor pedal unit.


Mooer Audio GE150

This new compact floor pedal amp modelling and multi-effects unit from Mooer is called the GE150. Noir exactly a snappy name, but if it does the job, then I’ll forgive it the dull title.

Effects Galore

The GE150 has nine effect blocks in total and is in a similar market to the Helix Stomp, so think of it a bit like a scaled back GE300 and you will be in the ballpark.  The internal effects include reverb, delay, modulation, overdrive/distortion, all the amp models and cabinet simulations, wah and a noise gate.

Mooer Audio GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit

Mooer Audio GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit

Impulse Response

That is plenty to be getting on with and Mooer reckons you have 151 effect options available to you. The you get an Impulse Response loader so you can add your favourite third-party IRs. Making this a nice neat and customisable solution for recording and live work potentially.

Plus, you have an onboard expression pedal and tap-tempo available to adjust your effect parameters easily.

Mooer Audio GE150 rear panel

Mooer Audio GE150 rear panel


Then you get a built-in looper, that can record loops up to 80 seconds long. This  is activated by one of the two footswitches on the unit. The other controls the obligatory onboard tuner.

It its due out on 17 September, but has yet to have an official price. Though if you look at all the features listed below, you can see it certainly packs in a lot for such a small unit.

Basic Specification

  • 55 amp models that originate from Mooer’s Micro Preamp series.
  • Support for third-party impulse response files to get the same dynamics and feel of a real tube amp.
  • Up to 9 effect types with 151 different effects total
  • Tap tempo function
  • Expression pedal to control multiple values by one touch.
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Looper with 80-second capacity
  • Headphone output
  • Aux input and built-in tuner
  • 40 drum rhythms
  • 10 metronome options
  • USB On-The-Go output for compatible smartphones and tablets




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