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Mooer Black Truck multi-effects

Mooer Black Truck multi-effects  ·  Source: Mooer

Originally released back at the NAMM 2017 show, Mooer’s Red Truck multi-effects pedal now sees an update in the form of a Black Truck version. Mooer says the new model uses refinements and tweaks based on customer feedback.

Black Truck

The Black Truck is a multi-effect with a very similar effect selection to last year’s Red Truck. This time, however, Mooer folds the delay and reverb (stereo) into a single effect slot, leaving you with the option to engage either just reverb, just delay, or both together. The Mod section is almost identical and can do Phaser, Tremolo and Flanger effects.

Mooer Black Truck multi-effects

Mooer Black Truck multi-effects

New Features

Black Truck includes a 5-band EQ with pre and post switch. Then comes Overdrive, Distortion and a Compressor, the latter without its own footswitch.

Also new to this model are the many double assignments to the footswitches that can now be used not only turn on the looper and the tuner but also the mod and delay sections independently and/or simultaneously.

RRP expected at EUR  250

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by Jef

3 responses to “Mooer’s new Black Truck revamps the Red Truck multi-effects pedal”

  1. slapnuts says:

    but they got rid of chorus, why the !@#$ do company’s do upgrades, yet kill some of the most important features?

  2. Name* says:

    No chorus? Deal killer.

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