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Mooer Tone Capture

Mooer Tone Capture  ·  Source: Mooer

Modelling amps are so good these days that they’re often on par with the originals they’re based on. Now it’s time to move on to the guitars, according to Mooer, who have released the Tone Capture effect pedal. Its thing is to capture your guitar and let you play that tone using any other guitar.

Mooer Tone Capture

The technique of modelling a guitar’s tone and playing it using another guitar isn’t new. Mooer used the technology in its GE300 multi-effect/Modeller. It seems to be based on a matching EQ technology, but there may be more going on. We don’t know exactly how it works, as Mooer is keeping quiet about it.

How does it work? You play your guitar and let the Tone Capture pedal do its work. The pedal saves the guitar sound to one of 7 slots. Then you can “play” your ‘vintage Fender Stratocaster’ on stage, using your budget Harley Benton guitar. Or so Mooer’s marketing would have us believe.

Mooer Tone Capture pedal

Mooer Tone Capture pedal – Clone your guitar’s tone?

But if you don’t want to use the ‘tone capture’ feature, this pedal also works as a simple EQ pedal, with controls for Level, Treble, Mid and Mid Shift and Bass. because it’s a micro format pedal, it can’t accommodate a battery and is operated exclusively using an external 9-Volt power supply.

Tone capture bass?

The pedal name suggests that this version is just intended for guitarists – the pedal logo says “Tone Capture GTR“. I suspect that Mooer is planning a bass version, as it would make sense too. You can hear some demos below of the Mooer Tone Capture in action. Does the audio sound convincing? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. steven c holder says:

    When u record your guitar tone can u use effects like delay or reverb also when u capture your tone

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