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Matt Bellamy gists Tom Morellow a Manson Guitar Works guitar

Matt Bellamy gists Tom Morellow a Manson Guitar Works guitar  ·  Source: Instagram/ Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy of Muse and now majority owner of his own guitar company has just given Rage Against The Machine’s  Tom Morello a Manson Guitar Works guitar. 

Matt Bellamy gives Tom Morello a Manson Guitar Works guitar

The first public act, since the news  of Matt Bellamy owning his own guitar company has been him Matt giving Tom Morello a gift of a Manson Guitar Works guitar. It makes perfect sense as the two guitar pioneers have been on tour together as part of the Muse ‘Simulation Theory’ world tour.

The actual guitar is based on Bellamy’s own signature MB models, and boasts a Sustainer neck pickup, Floyd Rose tremolo, plus Morello’s trademark killswitch

Guitar Pioneers

Both players in my personal opinion are modern day pioneers of the guitar and have both bought more young players to the instrument with their unique playing styles. So to see them both wielding guitars made by UK company Manson Guitar Works is a huge deal for me.

Mr Morello has even posted a great Instagram video of the two jamming live onstage during the close of the UK leg of the tour and you cab watch that below.

Tom Morello has been a huge inspiration to me growing up, a guitar legend. Proud to be able to give him a guitar I had made inspired by his playing and his message. Thanks for joining us on this UK tour, it’s been a blast!

It is great to see two exceptionally talented, world renowned guitarists play British designed and built guitars. I’m excited to see what Matt Bellamy will bring to Manson Guitar Works, as he has a lot to give and the future is potentially full of interesting possibilities for the company with him at the helm.

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  1. Nigel says:

    > “British designed and built guitars”

    Don’t they build them in Czech Republice and only final touches are being done in UK?

  2. Janne says:

    Make Commies Afraid Again

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