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Manson Guitar Works Meta Series Matthew Bellamy, MBM-1

Manson Guitar Works Meta Series Matthew Bellamy, MBM-1  ·  Source: Manson Guitar Works


The first official model from the Manson Guitar Works’ new Meta Series introduces the Manson branded MBM-1 Matt Bellamy signature model. Launching at Winter NAMM 2020 this wallet friendly model looks like a full blown effort to give all the Muse fans a touch of Showbiz!


Origins Of Meta

Manson Guitar Works is a company close to my heart, a local bunch from here in sunny Devon, UK, where I live. They are now part owned by Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, who is a long time player of their high end custom one off guitars.

The Muse fans all love the guitars, but because they are usually just one offs or very short runs which are all hand crafted, so they aren’t exactly cheap.

Manson Guitar Works launches MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy

Manson Guitar Works launches MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy

Well, now at Winter NAMM 2020 the company is launching their brand new Meta Series with the new Matt Bellamy signature MBM-1 and it looks epic. A unique guitar design which has been developed personally overseen by Manson Guitar Works and built by Cort.

Manson Guitar Works Meta Series Matthew Bellamy, MBM-1. 

Manson Guitar Works Meta Series Matthew Bellamy, MBM-1.

Meta Series MBM-1

Two colours available, the already popular Satin Black and the new Starlight Silver.  Both versions incorporate a maple neck with a new satin finish and have a solid basswood body.

They come loaded with a Manson designed bridge humbucker and new humbucker neck pickup reflecting the layout of several of Bellamy’s stage and studio custom instruments. The kill button allows a wide range of guitar effects to be created by the player without resorting to outboard effects.

You also get a headstock design which has Bellamy’s distinctive signature together with the Manson logo.

I figure that these will sell out instantaneously and I know that the Manson website will probably crash under the weight of interest in this cracking new guitar.

RRP – GBP 569 / EUR 649 / USD 899

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4 responses to “NAMM 2020: Manson Guitar Works launches MBM-1 Matthew Bellamy”

  1. Dane says:

    Not sure where your enthusiasm is coming from, Jef. Essentially this is a Cort, even the headstock looks like the one Cort is using for their Telecasters. Last year Thomann had a Cort sale, the Cort Manson TC in blue metallic and blonde, at 250 Euros each. That was a sweet price, regular street price is/was in the region of 400. I think 400 for the new Manson sounds about right, not the inflated 650. This is, after all, an Indonesian guitar from a second-tier brand that’ll lose half its value when you take it out the box, and though it’s spec’ed in the UK all parts are made in Asia. I really can’t see how it’d be good value at 650 Euros.

    • Jef says:

      I’ve played a good few of the older Cort/Manson models and so I’m coming from my own experiences. It is not just my opinion though. and

      The days of good guitars being made in just the USA etc are well and truly over, you need to go play these new ones and then tell me what you think. If you get one at a sale price, then that is even sweeter of course.

      • Dane says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make the point that it’d be either US-made or nothing. Actually, none of the dozen or so guitars I own are made in USA, they are either from Indonesia or Mexico. I’ve had more than one higher-end (non-custom) Gibson here, and couldn’t justify the price-point against the quality on display.

        The Cort/Manson TC I have here is quite nice. I ordered two when they were on sale, the other I returned because it was a stinker: neck pocket too narrow but they rammed in the neck nonetheless, seriously bulging the pocket, plus a few issues near the nut. The one I kept is almost perfect, but I’m also looking at resale value, which is basically zero because now it’s not even a fresh model anymore. So at 650 Euros we’re looking at Fender Player territory. I have 3 of those, they are all pretty much perfect, and I should have no problem converting them back to money at some point, with some loss. I don’t think attaching the name Matt Bellamy is going to help sell these against Fenders, or Ibanez, or Schecter – which are all frequently on sale for 500-ish street prices.

        Actually, now I remember you asked me for feedback about the Solar I ordered back then. Uhm, well, out of the box it was quite shoddy, with severe issues in many areas, but luckily I could fix all of them on my own. With a few upgrades thrown in (Fishman Fluence Modern instead of the Asian stock pickups, Schaller bridge instead of the TonePros, Schaller tuners instead of the stock whatever, custom Graphtech nut instead of the plastic stock) it’s quite nice, stunning top, unique design. I paid close to 700 Euros street price, plus upgrades, so again a guitar like the Cort here looks like bad value in comparison because, really, the design is nothing to write home about. Very bland.

        • Jef says:

          I get your point and thank you for the feedback, I’ve been really pleased with both those brands and haven’t had any issues with either. The nice part about trying guitars in store though, is they set them up and so this possibly helps weed out any duds.

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