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Manson Matt Bellamy MB-1 Red Santa, Black Knight, Red Alert and DR-1 Final Edition

Manson Matt Bellamy MB-1 Red Santa, Black Knight, Red Alert and DR-1 Final Edition  ·  Source: Mansons Guitar Works


Manson Guitar Works and Matt Bellamy of Muse have been working together for a long time now. Matt ordered his first custom guitars from Hugh Manson back in the day, and the partnership continues to bear fruit in 2017.


Matt Bellamy 2017 Editions

To celebrate this long collaboration and to round off 2017, Manson Guitar Works has just announced the arrival of the MB-1 Red Santa, Black Knight, Red Alert and the DR-1 Final Edition. Each guitar is based on the guitars Matt he uses on stage with Muse. If you are a fan, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these, I am sure.

Plug In Baby

All four models are high-end guitars and come at a price. But remember that these are hand-built guitars, made by some of the UK’s top luthiers. These are the instruments that Muse’s  front man plays on stage night after night.

DR-1 Final Edition

Essentially a clone of the guitars that Matt used on the Drones Tour with Muse, this military green guitar is available for a limited time and in very low numbers. It’s available with a whole bunch of options.

DR-1 Final Edition – RRP GBP from 2349

Red Alert

This is the current edition of Matt’s touring guitar and comes in a seriously bright red finish. As ever, Matt’s guitars feature a Psychopaf PF-1 humbucking bridge pickup and a Sustainiac installed for infinite sustain. A Gotoh bridge and tailpiece keep the tuning solid on this hardtail design.


Red Alert – GBP 3799

Black Knight

The black night is jet black and has the same pickup combination as the Red Alert, but this time you are getting a Floyd Rose bridge to make it squeal!

Black Knight – GBP 3999

MB-1 Red Santa 2.0

The ultimate in Muse noise-making guitars, the Red Santa 2.00 has it all, including a Korg KAOS-style pad for X/Y controller shenanigans and a Sustainiac Sustainer neck pickup combined with a Manson MBK-2. It’s all wrapped up in a very festive Red Glitter “Non-Swathes” Gloss Finish.

MB-1 Red Santa – RRP GBP 4299

Exeter, UK

All these guitars are built just down the road from me in sunny Devon. Being lucky enough to have Manson’s Guitar Shop on my doorstep for over 10 years, I can personally vouch for the quality of their guitars.

No, these are not ‘cheap’ instruments. But you will be getting some of the finest hand built modern guitars coming out of the UK at the moment. If you are a Muse fan, you know exactly what these are capable of.

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Manson Matt Bellamy MB-1 Red Santa, Black Knight, Red Alert and DR-1 Final Edition

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