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Rebel Technology Magus

Rebel Technology Magus  ·  Source: Rebel Technology

Rebel Technology Magus

Rebel Technology Magus  ·  Source: Rebel Technology

Rebel Technology Magus

Rebel Technology Magus  ·  Source: Rebel Technology

Rebel Technology Alchemist

Rebel Technology Alchemist  ·  Source: Rebel Technology

Rebel Technology Wizard

Rebel Technology Wizard  ·  Source: Rebel Technology


Rebel Technology has gone to Kickstarter to raise some funds for their Magus line of programmable synthesizers. Magus runs algorithms that can transform it into any sort of synthesizer or sound processing device. It’s like having a compact modular synth with none of the limitations. Which is something we so often hear spoken about software – but this is in a hardware patchable box.



Rebel Technology already have a library of over 200 algorithms ready to go. Whether you want granular, FM, subtractive, spectral, chaotic or stochastic synthesis you can load it up and off you go. Want something else? Then build the algorithm in the editor software using Max Gen, Pure Data, Faust or C++.

Inside Magus is a powerful ARM Cortex M4 processor and 8MB of RAM. The sound generation latency is down to less than 1ms. On the outside is stereo in/out, 20 bi-direction CV patch points, USB MIDI and a cool looking OLED display.

The patch points can be configured in the software to be either inputs or outputs and allow you to wire anything into anything else. From simple modulation to complete chaos and connection to a large world.

Magus Eurorack

If you’d prefer to drop Magus directly into your Eurorack setup then Rebel Technologies are also producing a Magus Eurorack Edition.

Wizard and Alchemist

Rebel Technologies have not stopped with just the Magus. They’ve packed the same power into two smaller boxes to reach some much lower and simpler price points. The Wizard Minisynth can load the same patches and has 5 assignable knobs, 4 buttons and 6 patch points. The Alchemist Microsynth only has a couple of buttons, a couple of patch points and 4 knobs but can still make an awful lot of noise.


Rebel Technology is looking to raise £12,000 in pre-orders to get the Magus into production. It already works and has a fully functional prototype. £90 will get you an Alchemist, £160 the Wizard and you’ll need to find £420 for the Magus or £10 more for the Eurorack version.

Looks like a great box and with the example of their OWL pedal and Eurorack module we already know they are capable of producing awesome products. It looks like a great way of experimenting with different sorts of synthesis in a single piece of hardware. A bit like the Disting in Eurorack perhaps? I’m not personally convinced that we want everything in one box but as a place for experimentation, it has a lot going for it.


More information

  • Magus Kickstart page.



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Rebel Technology Magus

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