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Livestock Electronics modules

Livestock Electronics modules  ·  Source: Livestock Electronics


Livestock Electronics has been building quirky, green and interesting Eurorack modules since their Superbooth debut in 2017. For this year’s Superbooth they have three new modules to show: Shepard, Ellis and Leap.



Shepard is a 6-channel performance step sequencer that’s designed to adapt to your changing needs. Each channel has 4 outputs that can be assigned to send out CV pitch in the form of 1v/oct notes or arpeggiators, gates or triggers, LFO both synced and free-flowing and ADSR or AD envelopes. You can even change what they do on every step if you really want to mess things about. Or do something like use 1 channel as a 4-part drum machine.

Each channel can store 256 patterns of 256 steps. You can trigger patterns on the fly to create an entire live set and even store them on an SD card.

Shepard is 28hp wide and should cost €650.



This is a little bit strange. Ellis is a controller module with 8 CV outputs. It says that it allows you to create presets for other modules, I guess by sending stored CV values to the CV inputs on your module. It can also generate chords, again by outputting set CV values, which can be transposed. It has controls to morph and fade between presets. It sounds a bit like it started off as a chord machine that then became useful for all sorts of CV applications. Looking forward to understanding more about it.

Ellis is 12hp wide and should cost €260.


Leap is an ADSR envelope and LFO with built-in DC offset and attenuation. The envelope and LFO can operate independently and can modulate each other internally to create some complex outputs.

Leap is 10hp and should cost €200.

I confess that I find Livestock Electronics modules a little difficult to fathom on paper and are much better understood when seen in action. So I hope to have more on them from Superbooth in a couple of weeks.

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  • Livestock Electronics website – no information on these yet.
Livestock Electronics modules

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