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Plankton Electronics

Plankton Electronics  ·  Source: Plankton Electronics

Seemingly oblivious to the chaos of NAMM swamping our news feeds Plankton Electronics (of “Ants” fame) has announced three new Eurorack modules – ENVF, SPICEVCF and NUTONE.



This is an envelope follower in only 2HP with threshold and gain controls and a three option on slope.


An analog state variable filter with a XMOD control to add distortion, a SEM-based resonance circuit, and CV inputs for both controls.


A dual channel Nutube based distortion. With individual feedback per channel and sending controls between channels. It’s based on the new Korg Nutube vacuum fluorescent display. The real triode structure of the Nutube produces a warm, unique vacuum tube sound. It’s capable to generate distortions from light saturation to hard clipping and overload.

They look like a useful bunch of modules and it’s great to see Plankton moving on from the awesome little Ants semi-modular.

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  • Plankton Electronics Facebook page.

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