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Livestock Electronics Bang, MIR and Felix

Livestock Electronics Bang, MIR and Felix  ·  Source: Livestock Electronics


We first met Daniel from Livestock Electronics at Superbooth. He had a range of hopeful, interesting and very green modules that he was developing. The first three are now ready to sale and it’s a promising start. There’s “Bang” a wavetable oscillator, “MIR” a quad VCA and “Felix” a buffered mult. Are they interesting enough to rise above the modular noise floor?



Digital wavetable oscillators are always a welcome sight. Daniel is very much into his chiptune genre and this is the perfect module to go with that. What’s interesting about Bang is that it comes with an application to allow you to create your own waveforms. And then rather than mess about with a USB cable there’s a MicroSD card slot for loading them. Not exactly sure of the software detail yet but here’s a preview from their Facebook page:


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On the hardware side you have tuning and waveshaping, an FM input and a bipolar attenuator. It’s the “Odds”, “Evens” and “Chunks” knobs that draw the eye. These control a wave shaping algorithm. The Odd knob controls the shape of the first half of the waveform, the Even knob handles the second half. This allows you to blend two waveforms together in new and interesting ways. The amount of wave division is set by the Chunks knob which gives it that instant chiptune feel, especially when you modulate it.



MIR is more than a VCA. It’s also a mixer, inverter, logic gate and distortion. Each of the 4 channels has 2 signal inputs and a summing stage. There’s a CV input labelled up as AM for amplitude modulation. The knobs take care of level and push the signals into a “beefy” distortion if that’s what you’re after. It’s a multi-functional module that maybe does more than it needs to.


Everyone needs a buffered mult from time to time. The Felix will give you 1:6 or 2:3 configurations. Each output has an attenuvertor and can generate CV if you wish.


Daniel has managed to produce some decent modules here. Bang has that something extra that sets it apart and the look and front panel design manages to be distinctive while remaining clear and concise. Livestock Electronics has a lot more goodies to come but this is a great start.

All three are available now. Bang is €320, MIR is €230 and Felix €99.

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Livestock Electronics Bang, MIR and Felix

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