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Noise Lab

Noise Lab  ·  Source: Noise Lab


Noise Lab out of Stockholm has 6 Eurorack modules ready for release including an Analog VCO, Wave Shaper, Scanner, Filter, Envelope and Dual VCA.



Noise Lab was planning to reveal their Eurorack range at this years Superbooth which was sadly cancelled. Hopefully, these modules will make their way into the hands of some Modular YouTubers so that we can get a better idea about what they sound like. In the meantime, these modules will be released soon so let’s check them out.

Prime Mover

This analog VCO looks like it has some unexpected features. The oscillator is based on the CEM3340 chip like that found in the SH-101 and Prophet 5. You do have the usual 4 waveforms plus a sub-oscillator, an FM and Sync input and tuning knobs but seems to be only the half of it. Each waveform has its own waveshaper with 2 modes and a voltage controlled Wave Mod input to sweep through the shaping. The shape change moves across each waveform simultaneously. It also has built-in Portamento. The CV-Thru socket is a nice touch which would allow you to chain up a couple of oscillators to the same sequence.

Noise Lab Prime Mover

Noise Lab Prime Mover · Source: Noise Lab

It will be great to see how this VCO sounds. Prime Mover is €335.


Great name for a Wave Shaper. Wrinkler has a wavefolder circuit followed by a secondary “Creaser” circuit both of which are CV controllable. They say that it’s great at folding any waveform including square waves. There’s a curious “offset” function which they say adds extra sonic abilities. It has two outputs, one for the folded waveform and another for a “squarified” version for some digital harshness. Between the outputs is a “Level” knob which mixes back in some of the original waveform to nicely boost the fundamental frequency.

Noise Lab Wrinkler

Noise Lab Wrinkler · Source: Noise Lab

Videos, I need videos on these things. Wrinkler – €240.


It’s a 4-channel crossfader which is also known as an Interpolating Scanner. Plug in 4 sources and you can crossfade and modulate between them to create a much more complex output. The main Channel Scan knob morphs the inputs from one to another. They say it creates a sequential composite of sounds over time. A Lag function sounds like it adds a release to the incoming control voltage so you can use a gate to generate smooth transitions.

Noise Lab Fourcaster

Noise Lab Fourcaster · Source: Noise Lab

Very interesting. Fourcaster is €210.


This is an OTA based Dual Mode Filter with a Lowpass/Bandpass switch and a selectable 12dB or 24dB slope. Both the cutoff and resonance are CV controllable and you can push the thing into self-oscillation using the Gain knob.

Noise Lab Beautifier

Noise Lab Beautifier · Source: Noise Lab

Beautifier is €165.


I misread that as “contortionist” which might even be a better name. But anyway here we have a regular ADSR envelope generator with 3 outputs, 3 time ranges and a loop mode.

Noise Lab Contourist

Noise Lab Contourist · Source: Noise Lab

Contourist comes in at €125.


Two linear VCA circuits with CV control. VCA 2 is normalled to the output of VCA 1 so it can be used to split a signal and control them separately. Does the job twice over.

Noise Lab Augmentor

Noise Lab Augmentor · Source: Noise Lab

Augmentor – €125.

Noise Lab

Creating a range of Eurorack modules to enter the market with must be pretty daunting. It’s probably easy to get absorbed into the more complex and interesting modules when actually good quality standard modules are incredibly useful. I like the uniform aesthetic they’ve gone for and I imagine they’d look pretty good together in a small setup as well as being quite striking by themselves. I’m particularly intrigued by the Prime Mover, Wrinkler and Fourcaster and I’m looking forward to some demos. Check out the video below for an indication from some prototypes.

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