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Noise Engineering Legio modules

Noise Engineering Legio modules  ·  Source: Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Librae Legio

Noise Engineering Librae Legio  ·  Source: Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Virt Iter Legio

Noise Engineering Virt Iter Legio  ·  Source: Noise Engineering


With the Legio series Noise Engineering is releasing a new 6HP DSP platform for Eurorack that will load alternative firmware. Starting with the Virt Iter Legio oscillator and Librae Legio dynamics processor.



We’re already familiar with Noise Engineering’s Versio DSP platform which has spawned modules like the Desmosdo Versio reverb and the Melotus Versio grain delay. The idea is that using a common front end these modules can load different functionalities via a firmware update turning them into reprogrammable multifunction machines of awesomeness. Legio brings that idea to a smaller and simpler module design that could fit into anyone’s rack and workflow.

At the moment Noise Engineering is releasing two modules, the Virt Iter Legio oscillator and the Librae Legio dynamics processor. The firmware is interchangeable but each one has a distinctive front panel that describes the original functionality. Over time more firmware will emerge and all of them will be freely available to run in whatever module you have.

Virt Iter Legio

This firmware features a stereo oscillator that pulls together the waveform algorithms that Noise Engineering original wrote for the Arturia Microfreak. They’re also available in the Virt Vereor plugin.

The algorithms are Bass, SawX and Harm which then run into a vintage-inspired stereo chorus. For modulation, the hardware module has independent left/right phase-modulation inputs.

Noise Engineering Virt Iter Legio

Noise Engineering Virt Iter Legio

Librae Legio

Librae is all about dynamics processing, so compression, expansion and limiting. It can be both mono and stereo, has adjustable noise gates and a configurable sidechain filter to change how the processing reacts to your sounds. You can also dial in a little bit of saturation to your taste.

Noise Engineering Librae Legio

Noise Engineering Librae Legio


Noise Engineering’s DSP development has been really exciting. It’s undoubtedly amazing to be able to completely swap out the functionality of a module to inspire you in different directions. It also raises a bit of a conundrum in terms of which firmware to stick to. I often find with multi-functional modules that they end up doing the same thing all the time and I rarely change the mode, particularly if it requires taking the module out of the rack. However, if you like to experiment and run off in different directions then for a reasonably pricey initial investment these modules will keep on giving.


Both versions of the module will be available from the 23rd of June for $279.


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Noise Engineering Legio modules

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One response to “Noise Engineering Legio modules spark a new 6HP Eurorack platform”

    Richard Lawler says:


    I wonder if they are still using the Daisy processor.

    $279 seems to be the magic number now-a-days. (We used to call it the single-spousal-discretionary-spending-limit.) NE deserves some credit for bringing their module price down. The Versio modules seem a tad too pricey considering that the Daisy.Init module is $200.

    They should put a USB-C port on the front. It wouldn’t take up much room, and it would make the personality transfer process much easier.

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