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Noise Engineering

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With names that could have come from a Sci-fi novel in another universe, Noise Engineering announces three new modules. Virt Iter is an oscillator, Univer Inter a MIDI-to-CV converter and Desmodus Versio is a reverb.

Virt Iter

It’s based on their new stereo oscillator platform which means you can load up new firmware and make it into new things. It comes with three different oscillator modes and audio-rate phase modulation per side. Hopefully, more information will come during the show – see video at the bottom!

Univer Inter

A simple and affordable MIDI-to-CV interface that’s completely customisable. It has 8 outputs, USB MIDI and TRS MIDI in/out. Along with MIDI-to-CV it will also do bidirectional MIDI-to-USB if that’s a thing. Configure the outputs with their web application or choose presets ready to go. You can choose between pitch, gate, trigger, velocity, MIDI CC, MIDI clock, and MIDI transport for each output. Group outputs for polyphonic pitch, gate, velocity, and trigger. Two UIs can also be chained, for up to 8-voice polyphony.

Desmodus Versio

A module based on their Stereo DSP platform and so it can be easily updated over USB with new features and algorithms. It has seven parameters and two sets of three interacting modes. It can morph from simple delay effects, through spring-like echoes, huge shimmer-style reverbs and much more.

All the prices and release dates are yet to be announced. Hopefully videos from the show will emerge with a bit more detail and demonstrations. But all this is sounding suitably exciting sp far – especially the Desmodus Versio – that sounds huge!

The DV is also part of their next charity initiative. “Desmodus is a genus of bats, so we’ll be partnering with Bat Conservation International and donating a portion of sales from DV to their efforts. Do you know that a fungus is destroying bat populations across North America? Or that bats are important pollinators of various crops (including agave, bananas, and peaches!). Find out more about why bats are not only cool but also important at our NAMM booth, or at Bat Conservation International’s website, You know, nothing’s stopping you from checking out both!”

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