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Noise Engineering Plugins

Noise Engineering Plugins  ·  Source: Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Plugins

 ·  Source: Noise Engineering


Virtual versions of three of Noise Engineerings most alarming Eurorack modules: Basimilus Iteritas, Cursus Vereor and Desmodus and VST versions will come soon!


Virtual what?

Basimilus Iteritas is an additive/FM synthesizer module. Cursus Vereor is a wavetable synthesizer and Desmodus is a bit of a reverb. They all come with initially disappointingly plain interfaces but they do offer a lot of clarity. Being software as opposed to hardware modules means that they can do cool things like map controls to MID, run multiple instances from the one purchase and come with hundreds of presets so you can have some idea about what they are supposed to sound like.

Basimilus Iteritas

It’s an additive and FM based drum synth that’s full of noise and the ability to synthesise sounds and then pull them apart. You have wavefolding, morphing, harmonic distortion and pitch controls. You can choose different modes for different tones and browse the 1,000 presets.

Cursus Vereor

This is a synth that dynamically generates wavetables and then scans then, folds them, shapes and oversamples. It’s polyphonic and can generate chords and pads as well as leads and basses and pumps them through an internal VCA and LPG.


It’s a reverb in the sense that it synthetically generates tails to sounds. It can be clean, distorted or pitch-shifting and can go on forever into infinite space. You can play it like an instrument or bath in its unusual architecture.

What do they sound like?


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The interfaces look much more interesting in action don’t they?

These are going to be great! Noise Engineering has already dabbled in software when they released some Rack Extensions for Reason Studio. These bring them to a broader audience and when the VST versions arrive they will win the plugin game.

The plug-ins are $49 each or $119 for the bundle.

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Noise Engineering Plugins

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