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Noise Engineering tease

Noise Engineering tease  ·  Source: Noise Engineering


Eurorack modular module makers Noise Engineering is teasing us with a glimpse of what appears to be a chunky sized new module.


It is 24HP wide and we can make out patch socket labels such as “Env Out”, “Audio Out”, “Gate”, “Time” and “Fold”. There’s also “Shape” and “AT/DC” which are rarer labels and might give us a further clue to the functionality. Noise Engineering use labels and front panel design very uniquely. There’s a lot of people who are very intuned to their naming conventions that are discussing the possibilities on Facebook and Instagram. I confess that these things tend to boggle me.


I can see similarly labelled Env Out and Audio Out on their Loquelic Iteritas Percido which is a digital VCO. It also gets shortened to “LIP” and the original tease image has the hastag #CIP attached to it. They have a wavetable oscillator called the Cursus Iteritas which might lend the C part giving us potentially the Cursus Iteritas Percido. So perhaps it’s a huge wavetable oscillator with plenty of “smash” (Percido)? But then the only place we find an “AT/DC” reference is on the Rack Extension version of the Manis Iteritas oscillator. The knobs also appear to be unusually ordered for a Noise Engineering module.

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So, it’s probably some kind of awesomely bonkers digital oscillator done in the way only Noise Engineering can do it. Looking forward to all the details.

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Noise Engineering tease

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