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Livestock MAZE

Livestock MAZE  ·  Source: Livestock

Livestock MAZE

Livestock MAZE  ·  Source: Livestock

We first discovered Livestock Electronics at Superbooth last year and they have since released a small number of their proposed modules. This next one, called MAZE, is one of the more interesting ones to emerge from the greeness.


This is all about signal distribution, attenuverting and routing things from one place to another. It handles both CV and audio from each of the 4 inputs to any of the 4 outputs. Settings can be saved into 6 banks of 16 locations and patches can be manually recalled, morphed between or selected by CV.

Inputs are in rows, outputs are in columns. I guess you’d normally expect to find the physical inputs and outputs alongside the matrix but these are actually situated in a square at the bottom. Presumably for space reasons but it makes more sense when you realise you can chain up more than one MAZE to build a bigger matrix. Push a button on the matrix to light it an enable the routing. The colour of button light indicates the attenuation.

There’s a Mute mode which allows you to mute out various routings. The SLCT input can be set to expect a sequence, LFO or envelope, or it can control the next saved preset selected either linearly or randomly. Or you can trigger a Euclidean sequence.

The video is partially helpful but unfortunately doesn’t get it all across very well in my opinion. It needs some better explanation – at least for my sake! Maybe I’m over-thinking it.

But if you know what’s going on then you can preorder it now for €430 and it should be available in May.

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