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AI008 Matrix Mixer

AI008 Matrix Mixer  ·  Source: AI Synthesis

AI Synthesis offers a range of Eurorack modules that follow a straight forward approach to the sometimes dizzying world of modular. Their latest release is the AI008 Matrix Mixer for neat and versatile routing and mixer from 4 places into 3 destinations.

AI008 Matrix Mixer

The idea is that you plug 4 things into it and can then dial in how much of each you want to route to the 3 outputs. This gives you an opportunity to combine CV signals in some really interesting and nuanced ways. You can take a single input and route it to 3 different outputs, at different levels. You can fill it full of modulators and then mix together some very interesting waveforms. You can create feedback FX patches, self-modulating oscillators, self-modulating cv sources, and many more possibilities.

AI008 Matrix Mixer

AI008 Matrix Mixer

And then you can also use it for audio routing, mixing and routing VCOs to different destinations. You can use it like an effect send, or a wave adder or have three different mixes of waveforms ready for processing and activating during live performance. It’s an elegant way of getting different sounds of the same VCOs.

Along with the 3 individual outputs, there’s a 4th output that is a sum of all 3 outputs.

The AI008 is a small module, only 10 HP wide which means all the knobs are a little on the small and fiddly side. There’s no CV control over anything so it’s very much a hands-on module that would be useful in any situation.

AI Synthesis are very much into their kits and provide excellent documentation for the builds. The full kit is only $75 and well worth your time. If you want it built and tested for you then it will be $125. Available now.

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