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Instruo Líon and Táin

Instruo Líon and Táin  ·  Source: Instruo


The Instruo Líon (pronounced Leon) is a 6×6 matrix mixer with a pin-style interface like that found on the Synthi. It can route signals, insert effects and is perfect for live patching. Plus they have a new switch.



It has nothing to do with big cats and it has everything to do with networking signals, running a group of interconnected communication stations and weaving things together in interesting ways. On the left you have a column of inputs (1-6), on the right you have a row of outputs (alpha to zeta) and in the middle you have a matrix of patch points for connecting said inputs to said outputs. It is that simple but as we know with other pin matrix interfaces the possibilities are enormous.

The patch matrix uses TRS minijack cables and Líon comes with a bunch of looped TRS cables that act like the pins you see on those old synthesizers. But as these are TRS it offers up a bit more versatility. If you plug in a regular TS patch cable the signal goes straight out and doesn’t go to the matrix output. This way you can use each horizontal row as a 1-6 mult. Another very cool factor is that using a split TRS cable you can use each patch point as an insert for routing to effects or other bits of processing before returning to the output row at the bottom.

There’s some clever cascading attenuation going on with regards to routing a single input to multiple destinations. Alpha and beta outputs will always output summed signals at unity gain. The other four outputs will output at unity anything directly patched to it but will also mix in the output from the left at a gain reduction of a third.

All the outputs are DC Coupled so you can get busy formulating massively complex voltage couplings as well as routing audio about the place.

There are all sorts of possibilities opening up with this module and I can see it being extraordinarily useful. In the manual they suggest such applications as cross modulation, mixing, effect inserts, multing, feedback and 1V/Oct routing.


DivKid‘s done a video that will take you through it all in meaty detail. I do think they could have expanded the palette a little bit on the TRS pin cables – a bit of colour might have made your patching easier to see.

Líon is £279 and should be available now.

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Meanwhile they’ve also snuck out a two channel analogue bidirectional switch with momentary and latching functionality. It can switch between modulations, trigger and gate patterns and also audio. Simple switches seem to be all the rage at the moment.

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Instruo Líon and Táin

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