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Ritual Electronics 1U modules

Ritual Electronics 1U modules  ·  Source: Ritual Electronics


Ruissellement, Répression, Division, Réseaux and Krach are the new 1U modules from Ritual Electronics covering noise, clocks, comparisons, mixing and shift registering.


1U Modules

Some of these were announced last year but it looks like Ritual Electronics has pulled them together and will be releasing them very soon.

  • Ruissellment – an 8-stage logic-based shift register with input for linear feedback for generating pseudo-random outputs. It generates 8 gates and 2 CV outputs derived from the gate input and clock. Available early next year.
  • Répression – a feature packed comparator. Set a threshold and generate gates, triggers and bipolar outputs depending on the input level. Available by the end of the year around €95
  • Division – a clock divider with individual time-division outputs that can be chained for further divisions. The reset input always resets on high and ignores any held gates to prevent clock interruption. Available early next year.
  • Réseaux – a passive attenuator/mixer where 1 input has 4 outputs of attenuated versions or 4 inputs feed to 1 mixed output but with the same level of attenuation depending on the input. Available early next year.
  • Krach – noise generator with pink, white, hiss (high-pass white noise) and rumble (low pass pink noise). €69 available very soon.

That’s all the information so far on the 1U modules. Ritual Electronics also updated some of their 3U modules including the return of their Crime module which is an expansion to the Miasma distortion and offers alternative diodes for the high and lowpass filters.


The 1U format is always interesting and throws up simpler modules with a solid focus that could do creative things to your modular.

More information from Ritual Electronics

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Ritual Electronics 1U modules

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