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Ritual Electronics Aranea

Ritual Electronics Aranea  ·  Source: Ritual Electronics


From Ritual Electronics comes a 5×5 active matrix mixer that’s both for audio and CV mixing. Fabulous for complex waveforms and feedback patches.



It looks deliciously straightforward. There are 5 inputs on the left and then 5 outputs along the bottom, but there are also combination outputs for some additional mixing wizardry. Whatever signal you put into an input can arrive at each of the 5 outputs at a level set by the intersecting knob. If you, for instance, put 5 LFOs in on the left then along the bottom you can get 5 different combinations of those LFOs creating different modulation shapes.

Of course, you don’t have to use everything together. You could be mixing a couple of waveforms in one part of the Aranea while mixing audio in another. You could simply be multing out a single modulator to many destinations with individual level control. Matrix mixers are super-versatile.

The knobs are attenuverters. So you actually get zero level when they are at 12 o’clock and then as you turn to the left the phase is inverted.


For the extra outputs, we get a global mix output, a mix output for columns A+B and D+E and, unexpectedly, some diagonal outputs. There’s so much room for experimentation.

Aranea is currently at the prototype stage but looks solid and could become a useful centre of operations for your rig if you don’t get overwhelmed by the 25 knobs. It should be available next year.

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Ritual Electronics Aranea

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