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Low Gain Electronics DubMatrix

Low Gain Electronics DubMatrix  ·  Source: Low Gain Electronics

The DubMatrix will mix both audio and CV signals with 5 channels in through a 5×5 mixing matrix and out of 5 outputs. There’s all sorts of scope for strange waveforms and surprising audio signals.



With its bright red paint job you’re certainly going to notice it in your rack and at 40HP it certainly takes up a bit of space. But what it offers is a simple and yet versatile way of mixing signals together.

You have 5 channels into which you can pump 5 signals. You can use either CV or audio but it’s probably best not to use them at the same time. There’s an attentuator on each channel to set the input level and then a handy kill switch to turn the channel on or off before it reaches the matrix. Then you have the 5×5 mixing matrix. As you turn up the A-to-E knobs for a channel then that signal appears at the A-to-E output.

So you can have a single input going to 5 outputs, 5 inputs going to a single output or every combination in between. You could combine a couple of channels for audio processing, or have different mixes of multiple oscillators going to different processors. You can mix together modulation signals to create all sorts of different waveforms or combine sequences to create new ones or shift between keys.

Once you start digging into the possibilities then you can find endless things to do with it.


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Low Gain Electronics plans to release some expansions for it so that it can run as a stand-alone Matrix Mixer System – that could be good!

The DubMatrix is available now for $279 and there’s also a PCB and panels kit version on the way.

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