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Bragi Modular Wyrd

Bragi Modular Wyrd  ·  Source: Bragi Modular


Wyrd is a 4-channel mixer with a 4×4 matrix to blend your waveforms that can then be scaled and modulated with a horizontal fader.



A matrix mixer is a simple idea that offers up interesting and complex results through the blending of 4 sources. With 4 different signals plugged into the inputs you can blend together 4 different mixes of those signals at the 4 outputs. Use the knobs to set the level of each signal – it’s easy.

Wyrd is DC Coupled and designed for mixing CV signals but you can mix audio signals together as well if you wish. This can be fun for audio rate modulations or simply mixing audio but in which case you need to make sure the magic fader is in the middle position to prevent accidental DC offsets. It has a centre detent to help with that.


So what does the fader do? It can add up to +-5v to the output of each of the 4 channels effectively boosting the combined modulations in a positive or negative direction. You could see it as a macro for increasing the intensity or depth of 4 modulations all at once.

Bragi Modular continue to come up with good simple modules that have interesting depths and well thought-out functionality. Time to get Wyrd.

Wyrd is available now for €160.

Bragi Modular Wyrd

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2 responses to “Bragi Modular Wyrd Matrix Mixer with fader modulation magic”

    David Rogoff says:

    “Wyrd is designed for mixing CV signals but it’s also DC coupled so you can mix audio signals”

    You have this backwards

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