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Ritual Electronics Pointeuse

Ritual Electronics Pointeuse  ·  Source: Ritual Electronics

Ritual Electronics unveils their first 1U module in a series of modules we saw prototypes of over Superbooth. Pointeuse will trigger, gate, mute and switch from a footswitch.


It was originally designed as a footswitch adapter for start/stop or gating. It translates as “Time Clock” which makes some sense in that context but less sense now they’ve expanded its functionality. It’s a nice-sounding word though and the improvements make it much more interesting 1U module.

Pointeuse has become a bi-directional switch with CV control, manual control and foot control. The footswitch adapter has been broken off the main module into a 4HP expander and presumably could be used with other modules. Whether you are pedalling it, triggering it or punching the button you can now switch between momentary and latched. It’s bi-direction which means you can have a single input switching between two outputs or 2 inputs switching to a single output. It’s a great way to switch sequences, modulations or effects routings.

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Unveiling the first 1U module, Pointeuse. It used to be a footswitch adapter, it is now a fully-fledged bidirectional switch with CV control, manual control and foot control with the included footswitch expander. It used to have momentary and latching outputs. While playing with Pointeuse we realized it did not make sense in a musical context. Pointeuse now has two logically inverted outputs and a momentary / latch switch which is way better for performance. Trust me, you’ll want several of them. Start buying momentary foot switches now (all of them should be compatible!) BTW it’ll be compatible with the Intellijel 1U format and we’ll also have a run of Pulp logic faceplate 😉. — — #ritualelectronics #pointeuse #switch #eurorack #modular #synth #synthesizer #modularsynth #1U #bidirectional

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Multiple Pointeuse modules can be chained up into a larger performance switching rig. They say it’s compatible with all momentary footswitches and sustain pedals.

What a useful little device and a great use of the 1U modular space. It’s €95 and will be available soon.

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