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Modal Carbon8

Modal Carbon8  ·  Source: Gearnews


It looks like the Modal Electronics Carbon8 Experimental Digital Synthesizer previewed at Superbooth is about to be unleashed. Pictures and info about the synth have surfaced on the web, so we’re expecting the official announcement any time now.


Modal Electronics Carbon8

Back in May at Superbooth 23, Modal Electronics caught our attention with the prototype of a new digital synth named Carbon8. Sporting the same basic chassis and layout as the Argon8 and Cobalt8, the Carbon8 is all about all kinds of digital synthesis.

Back then, Modal didn’t want to tell us too much about the synth just yet, because it was still in development. But now it appears that things are moving along. An American retailer has posted a couple of pictures and additional info about the synth, so we think it won’t be long until Modal officially announces it.

The Modal Electronics Carbon8 is an 8-voice digital synthesizer with two oscillators per voice. Each oscillator can draw from more than 40 digital real-time algorithms plus a selection of high-resolution wavetables. The two oscillators can also interact in various ways, including phase modulation, phase distortion, waveshaping, wavefolding, and more. Back at Superbooth, we weren’t sure what to think of the audio demos of the prototype. But I think they likely didn’t show us the whole picture, because these specs suggest that the synth should be capable of much more than what we’ve already heard.

Modal Carbon8

Modal Carbon8 · Source: Gearnews

The filter section boasts no less than 34 different filter types ranging from vintage emulations to the morphable filters Modal is known for. The modulation setup should be familiar to Argon8 and Cobalt8 owners: there are three envelopes and LFOs each, along with 12 modulation routes, eight of which are assignable.


Furthermore, the Carbon8 has also inherited the 512-note polyphonic real-time sequencer with four lanes for parameter automation from the Argon and Cobalt series. The same goes for the 64-note step sequencer with parameter locks and the programmable arpeggiator.

Price and availability

Back at Superbooth, Modal Electronics said that the Carbon8 is “more than twice as complex” as the Argon8 and Cobalt8. Unfortunately, the same seems to be true for the price. According to the leak, the synth will retail for $1099 – a rather hefty increase over the affordable siblings.

Also at Superbooth, Modal said that they were planning to release the Carbon8 in early September. So it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer.

More information about Modal Electronics


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Modal Carbon8

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7 responses to “Modal Electronics Carbon8 leaked with more info and price”

    Diki Ross says:

    Getting really tired of 80’s sized displays on 2020’s keyboards.

      Squinting, but Christ I'm cool! says:

      Oh, do stop moaning! Big displays are for simpletons, and tiny ones make you look like an advanced boffin, way in front of Back To The Future. The Mad Scientist Synth User Look is the height of fashion 😁

    André Müller says:

    No this Display is an OLED, it will last earlier than expected. But who cares, it prevents to get a classic Synthesizer in 30 or 40 years….. But how long will we live. But for the price this is an unhappy accident! It will prevent to be a bestseller…. The targeted selling price will prevent the device from becoming a bestseller, The targeted selling price will prevent the device from becoming a bestseller.

      Screen of destiny ..... says:

      OLED is fairly newish, Who knows how long it’ll last? It might outlast the keybed, if that big asteroid doesn’t T-Rex us all before we find out 😁

      Noel Hillzen says:

      Source? Because for calculators, LCD displays were typically rated for 50,000 hours, with LED rated less than that. OLED displays for televisions are rated for more.

    basket random says:

    With such a diverse range of sound sources, the Carbon8 promises to deliver a wide array of tones and textures.

    Steven Kubacki says:

    That $1099 price is just too high. I hope it comes down by 2024. I was also hoping for something with a more modern look and feel 😁

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