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Electro-Harmonic new product leaked, including SuperEgo + and Switchblade Pro, plus new amps and cabs!

Electro-Harmonic new product leaked, including SuperEgo + and Switchblade Pro, plus new amps and cabs!  ·  Source: Instagram / Oldtownmusic

In the last couple of months, Electro-Harmonix has announced six new pedals, including the Hot Wax and Tone Corset.  Thanks to a leak on Instagram, we have learned that there are even more products imminent, including two new pedals, a transistor combo, a 2×12 cab, plus a new 12″ speaker range!


The name says it all! The Superego+ is a further development of the Superego Synth pedal. It can no longer only generate synth effects from your guitar, but also has a switchable effect section that brings effects like Phaser, Rotary, Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch, Detune, Filter, Echo, Delay and Mod. This includes, in addition to the Preset knob, two for rate and depth, and one Expression-In for the rocker, and another EXT connector that supports a 3-button controller.

The price is not yet known, since the original Superego costs EUR 229. The new version will probably be 300 or more. But that could be worthwhile, as the combination is sounds reasonable. Promising!

EHX Superego + leak

EHX Superego + leak

Switchblade Pro

Again, this is ‘just’ a further development of EH’s Switchblade A/B/Y switch. But the new unit will be significantly larger. The Switchblade Pro could be interesting because it contains a dry volume controller and two FX loops, which have their own level control and can be switched between serial and parallel modes. However, it can also be used as an A/B/Y switch, while also controlling A+B. The signal path is apparently buffered, which is a useful feature. Price to be confirmed.

EHX Switchblade Pro

EHX Switchblade Pro

Dirt Road Special and Mig 50 plus new speakers

The Dirt Road Special is a new transistor combo amp and the existing Mig 50 head gets a new matching 2×12 cab rated at  60 watts and equipped with the new 12″ speakers. The intention behind this cab is to deliver great sound in roadie-friendly format. The idea and format also come from 90s-era Sovtek gear.

The new EH 12″ speakers will be available in 75- and 30-watt versions with 8 or 16 ohms each. Quite likely these will be G12T-75 and V30 speakers. The prices are, again, to be confirmed.

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