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This weeks pedal roundup  ·  Source: Gearnews

It has been a week of all white guitars and limited edition releases. But as a new week is about to start I have been trawling the planets guitar effects pedal releases and have rounded up a few I think are worthy of my weekly roundup.

Massive G.O.A.F

I do love me a fuzz pedal and this new one from Massive FX of Los Angeles, CA USA is a called The G.O.A.F or The Golden Order of the Alchemist Fuzz. It is definitely in the ’boutique’ camp and looks like it has plenty of control with its four knobs labelled with cryptic symbols that represent Master Volume, Tone Shape/Balance, Fuzz/Sustain and Timbre/Tone/Attack.

It uses a set of  NOS AC125 and Russian Germanium transistors to its fuzz tones a similar sound to the old Baldwin Burns Buzzaround.

Massive FX G.O.A.F fuzz:octave pedal

Massive FX G.O.A.F fuzz octave pedal

Octave Fuzz

It has two sides one for one with a red LED for the fuzz circuit and the other with a green LED for the octave part of the effect. I would suggest a listen to the video demo below to get an idea of what to expect from this little box of dirt.


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BSM RB Looper

Next up we have the BSM RB Looper pedal, made in Waldmohr, Germany, which is a compact pure passive looper with two custom-made special line-transformers, made for Richie Blackmore, the RB stands for ‘Richie’s Box’ and is essentially a simple way to use a treble booster in a circuit without it overloading modulation effects in a pedal chain.

BSM RB Looper Richie Blackmore

BSM RB Looper, Richie Blackmore looper pedal for use with treble boosters

Tame the beast

Usually a treble booster pedal would overload many other pedals and make them distort and not in a good way, so the RB Looper has a loop running at 50% of the level and then back up to 100% level on the output to avoid this scenario all together. Quite a specialist pedal, but if you are a fan of the Mr Blackmore’s tone then you will find this really handy.

Not exactly cheap though…

RRP – USD 185

More Information

Electro Harmonix Superego+

I actually covered this one, although very briefly, when it was leaked a few months back. Well now it is official and the price is a lot better than we expected back then.

EHX Superego+ Polyphonic Synth pedal

EHX Superego+ Polyphonic Synth pedal

Polyphonic Synthesis

Essentially a synth engine with 11 effects types, an EXP input for effect parameter control/preset recall and an EXT jack for a 3-button controller. With controls for Dry, Effect, Attack, Decay, Threshold, Layer and Gliss knobs, plus Rate and Depth knobs, there is a hell of a lot packed into one pedal here.

The official EH demo video below gives a great overview of the pedal and the official price I think is more then reasonable for all that you get included in this unit. It’s polyphonic and works with other instruments as well as guitars, so could be a great studio tool for those that love to experiment.

RRP – USD 250

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