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Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper

Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper  ·  Source: Electro Harmonix

The Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper leaked earlier this year has finally been officially released, and gives you twice the looping time of the 720 model. If you were looking for a loop-pedal with almost half an hour of unlimited overdubs, you’ll want to read on.

Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper

The new 1440 Stereo Looper from Electro Harmonix doubles the loop time of the company’s 720 model, with up to 24 minutes of uncompressed 24-bit/44.1kHz audio. That is a lot of loop time. The pedal has controls for LEVEL, TEMPO, OVERDUB, and MODE, along with two footswitches for LOOP and STOP/FX. An optional external footswitch can be used to select loops and controll the Undo/Redo function. Like the 720 model, and as the name suggests, this version is also stereo.

Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper

Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper

Loop Manager

The EHX Loop Manager App adds even more flexibility to the unit. You can use the app to upload/download audio to and from your computer. This should make it a breeze to set the looper up for gigs.

The app also allows for easier management of the audio/loops in advance, and is great for keeping track of the loops loaded in the pedal. You can watch the official demo video below to see how the Loop Manager works. It’s as simple as attaching the USB port to your computer and then using the software to organise your audio.


Tempo Sync

Usefully, the looper can also tempo sync to an external MIDI device, which can be a boon when playing live. It has unlimited overdubbing, Reverse and Octave speed effects, a 1 Shot function, and adjustable fadeout times, which you can use in situations where you want to trigger a phrase.

You can hear the new Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper demo video below or follow the link to read the full specifications on the EHX website.

RRP – USD 221.30 inc an EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply

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