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EHX 1440 Looper

EHX 1440 Looper leaked in brochure  ·  Source: Electro Harmonix


It’s better than Christmas with what Electro-Harmonix has ​​in store for us at NAMM 2020: not just a very special Big Muff , Oceans 12 and Pitch Fork +, but also a new looper that’s got it all. 


EHX 1440 Looper

Anyone who already liked the EHX 720 Looper, but was overwhelmed by the 95000 and found the 22500 too big, might love the 1440. The number in the name is still synonymous with the maximum recording time in seconds – a total of 24 minutes. Do you need that much? To be open to the top is certainly not wrong.

The new pedal works in mono and dual mono (stereo), recording “infinite” overdubs, uncompressed for up to 20 loops or ‘banks’ (probably at44.1 kHz / 24 bit). It can also be synchronized externally with a tempo via MIDI.


Unlike the 720 however, the 1440 has octave and reverse functions, a 1-Shot function (play loop only once), as well as optional trails. There is also an external footswitch for loop selection and undo/redo.

If the price of the EHX 1440 Stereo Looper remains at around 150 euros from the 720 Looper *, it will certainly be a good alternative.

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EHX 1440 Looper

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