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Electro-Harmonix Hot Wax stacked overdrive pedal

Electro-Harmonix Hot Wax stacked overdrive pedal  ·  Source: YouTube/Electro-Harmonix

The new Hot Wax by Electro-Harmonix combines two of the company’s overdrive pedals in one box, with a Hot Tubes overdrive and a Crayon circuit twinned to create one ‘stacked’ overdrive effects pedal.


Take two already quite popular overdrive pedals and then squeeze them into one box. That is essentially what is happening with the new upcoming Hot Wax overdrive pedal, which takes a Hot Tubes and a Crayon overdrive and sticks them both into one handy unit.

Each pedal side has its own footswitch to turn it on/off, and each has its own drive controls. There’s a green graphic on the side for the Crayon and a red one for the Hot Tubes side.

They both share the EQ section, which consists of Bass and Treble controls, and also has a Blend control as well. There are no official details on the Electro-Harmonix website as yet because it hasn’t officially been released, but I think the blend will probably be the balance of the two overdrive circuits.

Each overdrive circuit has its own Volume and Overdrive control so that you can set how much gain you dial in on each side.


Premier Guitar has already had a sneak preview at the Summer NAMM Show and so I have linked that video below for you all to check out. There is as yet no official price for the Hot Wax, but I have seen it listed at EUR 132.92 over at Banzai Music. As yet, there is no official release date, but Banzai mentions 6-8 weeks waiting time on its site.


It sounds like it could be a good overdrive, but of course, it does kind of take away the fun of stacking different overdrives you may already own and you would need to be a fan of both of these pedals already I suppose.

My only other concern would be the shared EQ, which could be limiting in terms of flexibility. Then again, this could actually make it easier to dial in your sounds.


Electro-Harmonix main page

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