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Native Instruments found themselves rather wrong footed. First by the leak of a marketing image of the new version of Komplete a couple of weeks ago and then by a retailer accidentally listing all the specs yesterday (you can read about that here) on their website. Whatever cat they were trying to keep in the bag was well and truly out and rather than keeping us all hanging around they’ve officially released all the details.


The official release date of Komplete 11 will be September 1st. Native Instruments usually like to announce and release on the same day and so you can see why they might have been rattled by the leaks. However, they seem to have everything ready to go. The website product page lists all the included products along with some rather astonishing sound samples, songs and mixes. They brilliantly show off the diversity and quality that’s on offer here.

The video, on the other hand, tells you nothing and looks like an After Effects promo. Go and listen to the tracks on the website for a much better idea of what you get for your money.

The pricing we got from the website yesterday was a little bit cheap, it seems. Maybe it’s the effect of Brexit, maybe NI are punishing the world for the leaks but the slightly inflated official pricing is as follows:

Komplete Ultimate 11 – £959 inc VAT

Komplete Ultimate 11 upgrade – £319 inc VAT

Komplete 11 – £479 inc VAT


Komplete 11 upgrade – £159 inc VAT

Komplete Select

And then we have a new tier. What they are calling “Komplete 11 Select”. It comes with 11 products, 2500 sounds and 25GB of library, so it’s certainly not entry level. Products included are Massive, Reaktor Prism, Scarbee Mark 1, Solid Bus Comp, Drumlab, The Gentleman, Vintage Organs, Monark, Retro Machine Mk2, West Africa and Replika. It also comes with the Kontakt 5 and Reaktor 6 players with a factory selection of sounds and Blocks Wired.

NI Komplete Select

NI Komplete Select · Source:

It appears to come on a natty little USB stick, which is nice. Komplete 11 Select is yours for £159 inc VAT.

The pricing does seem a little bit off to me but only because it’s a noticeable hike from the previous model. It’s still incredible value. Is there enough in there to tempt me to upgrade from my version 9? Well as far as what’s actually new in 11 you’ve got a whole bunch of orchestral strings which is nice but I already have a load of that from previous versions. There’s the new Form synth which might be interesting, a prepared piano that I’ll never use, some cool Indian sounds that I’m unlikely to need, I already play guitar and I’m sure Flesh was a freebie at some point. I already own Reaktor 6 and a lot of delay plug-ins.

However, combined with some of the new things from version 10 that I missed is there enough to justify the upgrade price? Maybe I should be more discerning. Perhaps if I went through the library of products and picked out things I would actually use would I hit £319? That could be an interesting exercise, but on the other hand – look it’s a massive bundle of stuff! I must have it, I must have it!

All the details, sounds examples, lists of what’s included, pricing and availability can be found on the Native Instrument Komplete product pages.


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