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Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11 (possibly)

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11 (possibly)  ·  Source: @ambientnoize


This image has just popped up in my news feed. I first spotted it on The Pro Tools PC blog, but further investigation shows it’s been knocking around some foreign language Twitter accounts for a couple of days. Could this be a promotional shot of Native Instrument’s Komplete 11?


The first English Twitter account to pick it up was @AmbientNoize who ask whether it’s a hoax or not. It also turned up on the KVRAudio forum. Looking at the image it’s really hard to tell if something is new after all Komplete is so full of wonderful things already. I can spot Reaktor 6 Blocks and Flesh. I’m sure there’s an image of what must be Kontakt 6 but it doesn’t really look any different. What can you see? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments.

Personally I love Komplete, but the pricing and upgrade policy annoys the heck out of me. I stopped buying every upgrade because they always seem to charge the same regardless of which version you have. So I decided to give version 10 a miss and hold out until the next version – it’s taken ages! I had to buy Reaktor 6 separately just to maintain my principles. Komplete 10 and Komplete Ultimate 10 are both on great deals over on the Native Instruments website which is also a good indication. That offer ends on the 31st July…. I wonder what will happen then? However, because the upgrade deals are not that great I don’t think you’ll get a bargain buying 10 at the deal price and then upgrading to 11. You’ll end up paying more in my opinion.

Here’s hoping version 11 is going to be awesome.


2 responses to “Is Native Instruments about to announce Komplete 11?”

  1. Thorsten Hindermann says:

    Sounds good and interesting!

  2. Herb says:

    I have been wondering about the July 31 sale for the same reason. I’ve done the opposite of you. I started with 10 and have really wanted Reaktor 6 but have been holding off not wanting to buy it only to have 11 drop the next month.

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