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Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center now pulled listing

Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center now pulled listing  ·  Source: YouTube/Trogly


In one of his recent videos, YouTuber Trogly may have spotted a reissue of the 70s Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. Apparently the model is expected to be out around March, although there hasn’t been any official announcement as of yet.


Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 70s

If you’re not already familiar with it, The Trogly’s Guitar Show is a YouTube channel that specialises in pretty much everything Gibson. Trogly himself spends a lot of time researching and looking for new models via online stores and Reverb. In the video below, he talks of how he found a batch of ‘new‘ Goldtop ’70s Les Paul Deluxe models from a Gibson dealer. The listing had images of a 2015 reissue (you can tell by the Les Paul 100 logo), but as new. It also showed there were more than 10 guitars available for pre-order, priced at $2499 each.

Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center now pulled listing

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center now pulled listing

2015 Specs?

The specifications for the guitar are all taken from the 2015 model, which makes no sense either, as Gibson would be insane to re-release those much-hated models again.

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 2015

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 2015

New 2015?

Now if you do the maths, that would mean there would be over 10 brand new Les Pauls left over from 6 years ago, which doesn’t really add up. So Trogly decided to contact the seller and ask for more details about these mysterious Les Paul Deluxe models.

The Reverb seller, Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, shed some light on these new guitars with the following reply:

“This is a pre-order listing: the new Les Paul Deluxe 70s guitars are being brought back in an updated spec for 2021, these guitars in March.”

Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center reply

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center reply

Listing Pulled

The listing has since been pulled from Reverb, but thankfully not before Trogly was able to manage some screenshots of the item. And if the seller was telling the truth, and there’s no reason to suspect they weren’t, it looks like there may be a new Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 70s on the horizon.


Three-piece Maple necks?

The late ’70s models had three-piece maple necks, so it’s possible we might see a return of that spec. Although Gibson could opt for the earlier mahogany neck versions. Hopefully, we won’t see pancake bodies and three-piece maple tops, also hallmarks of the NORLIN era Gibson Les Pauls.

I own a ’77 Les Paul Custom with a three-piece maple neck and I love it. It’s super strong and gives the guitar a nice snap to the tone. There is nothing official yet on the Gibson site, but we will keep you informed if we find any more details on this potential new release.


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Would you buy one?

You can check out the full video below. Let us know what you think of these potential new models from Gibson in the comments section. Would you buy a Les Paul Deluxe with Mini-Humbuckers? And what are your thoughts on the three-piece maple neck?

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Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center now pulled listing

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3 responses to “Has Trogly spotted a new Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 70s reissue model?”

    Ugo says:

    Ok ok… can anyone tell me what in a world were they thinking with that poorest looking switch in the place of the 4th knob?!? The guitar looks just awful with that! Haven’t they heard of rotary or push-pull switches yet?

      Jef says:

      2015 Gibson models will go down in history as Henry’s last chance and a massive failure, plus they used Amazon to sell guitars. So not really the best year for Gibson all round.

    Chris says:

    I have a gold top 69 Deluxe. It was purchased new. I got it when I was around 14 years old and very actively playing. It replaced a blue double pickup Melody Maker.

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