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Has Trogly spotted a 2021 prototype?

Has Trogly spotted a 2021 prototype?  ·  Source: YouTube/Trogly

In the run up to NAMM we normally see a leaks of guitar models that are about to be announced by Gibson, Fender, PRS & Co. at the show. This year NAMM is hosting an online-only event, so things are a little different to past years. Austin of the Trogly Guitar Show YouTube channel thinks he may have spotted a new model accidentally leaked by Gibson… 

Leaked Gibson model?

This week, Gibson sent ripples through the guitar world by announcing its purchase of Mesa/Boogie, sparking a lot of chatter in the guitar community. Some commentators seem to feel that Gibson has a chequered reputation in its history of corporate acquisitions, and that several brands fared poorly after being subsumed into the Gibson empire.

Now comes an interesting bit of news from Trogly, who believes he may have spotted new Gibson ’70s SG reissue models. Could these be primed for release during the virtual NAMM 2021?

Has Trogly spotted a 2021 prototype?

Has Trogly spotted a 2021 prototype?

2021 Prototypes?

Replete in a Black Cherry finish and fitted with Vibrolas, these SG Standard guitars were spotted on Reverb’s Gibson Demo Shop. Trogly states that they all have 2020 serial numbers, which is quite unusual as the guitars listed there are normally a lot older.

2020 Serial number?

2020 Serial number?

If you head down to the video below and scroll along to around 6.48 mark you can hear Trogly’s explanation of why he thinks that Gibson may be planning to release these in the coming year. The guitars have since disappeared from the Reverb page – either they were pulled or sold to their new owners.

Austin states that while he thinks the models could be a Chicago Music Exchange limited run, he feels it’s more likely a new ’70s reissue of the SG for 2021. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Is this model about to burst upon the guitar world in 2021? And if it is, would this entice you to part with your hard-earned cash?

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