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Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe

Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe  ·  Source: Gibson


Those Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ’70s models we saw leaked last month have just started appearing on dealer websites. These new guitars come loaded with a pair of mini-humbuckers and look very Rock and Roll! But how close are these to the original ’70s models? Let’s find out. 


Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe

Gibson is looking back to the early 1970s and has now officially released the new Les Paul 70s Deluxe model, complete with twin mini-humbuckers. Available in either a Cherry Sunburst or Gold Top finish, they certainly look very close to the original ’70s boat anchors! I’m actually a huge fan of Norlin-era Les Paul models and own a Custom myself, so I’m happy to see these heavier single-cut models making a comeback.

Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe Gold Top

Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe Gold Top

Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe Cherry Sunburst

Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe Cherry Sunburst

How Heavy?

The specifications list a non-weight relieved mahogany body with a bound maple top, a bound mahogany neck with a Rounded C profile, and an Indian Rosewood fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets. All very typical Les Paul specifications. No mention of pancake bodies though, and obviously no maple neck with a volute, which some of the later ’70s models had as standard. You also get a few subtle upgrades like Orange Drop capacitors and a Graph Tech NuBone nut, which the originals would not have had. Plus the standard vintage keystone tuners and a Tune-O-Matic bridge with a stop bar tail piece.

If you compare these to the model leaked earlier this year, you’ll notice that the leaked version had only three knobs and what appeared to be an extra switch. The official models however, have a standard layout of twin volume and tone controls.

Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center now pulled listing

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center’s now pulled listing with only three control knobs and what appears to be an extra switch!

Modern Quality

From the looks of things, these modern versions seem to be more ‘inspired by’ than actual reissues. Hopefully this also means that the quality control is more consistent, as back in the ’70s Gibson had a bit of reputation for churning out some very suspect guitars with QC issues, which gained the Norlin-era models a poor reputation in the decades that followed.


Would you spend over 2k on a ’70s reissue?

I’m not sure I would spend this much on a ’70s reissue, as I could literally buy an original for very similar money. As such, I feel these are going to be for a very niche audience. What do you think of these new Les Paul 70s Deluxe models? Would you drop the cash for these new reissues, or would you rather seek out an original Deluxe from the ’70s? Let us know in the comments section below.

RRP – GBP 2199

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Gibson Les Paul 70s Deluxe

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12 responses to “Gibson reissues the twin mini-humbucker Les Paul 70s Deluxe”

    TC says:

    I want a reissue ‘70s LP Deluxe (said no one ever!)…

    John Fogel says:

    Are they pricing themselves out of business ?

    Jimmy says:

    I have the real deal and she plays like a dream, I also have 2 Les Paul customs, and 2 Standards. They all are awesome, you can never have enough Les Pauls!!!

    Don Blecha says:

    Im with the dude that said i can have an original ( &did. I gifted it to my son @ Christmas as i thinned the heard some ) for what the reissue cost !!

    Dj says:

    I have a ’71 goldtop deluxe. routed for HB by the original owner whom I bought it from 20yrs ago for $300!!! lol. its heavy but is a tone monster. my #1 guitar

    JB says:

    I think the term reissue is for the most part marketing BS.
    It is a modern 21st century guitar with configurations. So much of tone is in the hands of the player it comes down to what shape and color do you want around your neck or in your lap. In some ways on a “macro” level, isn’t every guitar just a “re-issue” of a 15th century Lute or Oud?….Wood and Wire,
    It’s what we the players do with it, that is the magic.

    renaud says:

    zeer goede gitaar , speelt fantastisch heb nog 7 andere Gibsons

    Tony says:

    A Cherry burst deluxe was my first Les Paul back in 73. It is long gone but I just picked one of these up from the Gibson demo shop.

    Alan says:

    I played Gibson Les Pauls all my life. I started playing in 1970 but am now retired. I recently purchased an Epiphone SG Modern a few weeks ago and I personally think it’s the best guitar I’ve ever owned. Fantastic quality. All for around $600.00. Gibson needs to rethink their prices!

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