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Tak Matsumoto

Tak Matsumoto and his signature Les Paul Standard  ·  Source: j-guitar

Gibson Tak Matsumoto 2018 Signature Les Paul

Gibson Tak Matsumoto 2018 Signature Les Paul  ·  Source: Gibson

Gibson has announced the new 2018 Tak Matsumoto Les Paul in Canary Yellow, based on a very limited run created by Gibson Custom Shop for Tak almost 20 years ago. This model will certainly stand out from the crowd – you may need to put your Ray Bans on to play it!

Tak Matsumoto

So why the reissue in 2018? It is the 30th anniversary of his famous band, B’z, and almost 2o years since the original signature Les Paul that Gibson Custom shop made for him was released in 1999. So it’s time to break out the Canary Yellow nitro and go crazy! Tak is a pretty awesome guitarist and used a prototype on the last B’z ‘Live Dinosaur’ tour. He specified a lightweight chambered body and his own ‘Tak Matsumoto ’59 LP Profile’, so this is very much a personal instrument for him.

Gibson Tak Matsumoto

Gibson Tak Matsumoto

Personal Preferences

Yes, it is rather bright and that Canary Yellow nitrocellulose paint job does certainly take some getting used too, but it is in keeping with the original run from 1999. And it is only on the top; the sides and back are a plain black. Notice also the subtle yellow edging on the truss rod cover, which complements the main body colour.

The neck and body are mahogany with a two-piece plain maple top, the fretboard is rosewood with a 12″ radius and Abalone trapezoid fret markers. I find them a little over the top myself, but hey, the guitar is bright yellow, so not the first thing that hits you visually!

Gibson Tak Matsumoto in Canary Yellow

Gibson Tak Matsumoto in Canary Yellow


You may also notice Tak’s name is emblazoned on the body near the neck join. It rounds off the impression of a personal instrument. I’m not sure how many fans he has that would want this exact layout, but I figure there will be a few dotted around the planet that will love this.

The pickups fitted here are a pair of Zebra Custombucker humbuckers, controlled by the usual Les Paul two volume and two tone controls. Expect it to rock with the best of them, I suppose. But you’ll have to deal with the blinding finish as you crack open that guitar case!

RRP – USD 5999

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