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Gibson could be putting their classic headstock shape on Epiphone at last!

Gibson could be putting their classic headstock shape on Epiphone at last!  ·  Source: Gibson/Epiphone

It looks as though Gibson could be putting their classic headstock shape on Epiphone at last. As Gibson’s Cesar Gueikian appears to have confirmed in the comments of his Instagram post that Epiphone will be updating their headstocks.

Epiphone to get Gibson headstock shape?

If there is any truth in this Instagram post by Cesar Gueikian then Epiphone guitars of the future could finally come with a Gibson open book style headstock shape. On Instagram user ‘cwwoodhead’ commented that the company should bring this shape back to the entire Epiphone range. Cesar’s response? “It’s coming.”

This shape has been reserved primarily for US-built Les Pauls, 335 and SG models. Occasionally you would see a Japanese issue model with the Gibson-style headstock, but they were never released in the US or Europe.

But according to this social media post we may actually see them in the future. I think that’s great as the Epiphone headstock looks a little out of place on some guitar models. Though, personally I think it looks fine on many of the semi-hollow models.

Epiphone to get Gibson headstock shape?

Epiphone to get Gibson headstock shape?

Classic Design

The classic open book Gibson headstock design would sell more guitars, I feel. Plus, we all know it is an Epiphone and currently, in my opinion, they are making better guitars than Gibson anyway. So it is a win, win scenario.


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6 responses to “Gibson could be putting their classic headstock shape on Epiphone at last!”

  1. mojave rat says:

    I own an Epiphone ET-290 from around 1975 and it has the open book headstock with abalone inlay. I love it.
    I also own an Epi LP from 2006 with the modern headstock, which isn’t my favorite look but after some upgrades, the guitar itself is pretty kick ass.
    I think this is a great idea. Especially since Epiphone guitars beat the crap out of Gibson right now. 😉

  2. And the regular standard Gibson headstock shape and length so it will fit in a standard Gibson case and NOT some bastichized Chinese style one based on the long Epiphone headstock blank seen on a lot of the Chibsons. If you’re gonna do it Gibson, do it right or we’ll just continue buying Tokai’s, Edwards’s, Burny’s, etc. and get what we want.

  3. That’s actually an Epiphone (Gibson owned) headstock from late ’50s/early ’60s and Epiphone has been using it on their guitars occasionally (like the recent ’62 Sheraton, ’61 Casino, George Thorogood signature, Wildcat, J. L. Hooker Zephyr, Coronet, etc.). The Gibsons’ is different.
    Here’s my ’62 and my friends ’63.

  4. My goodness, hell must have frozen over. This is something they should have done years ago.

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