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Framus The Blank Television guitars

Framus The Blank and Television guitars. One new design and one from the company's past  ·  Source: Framus


Framus has officially announced the The Blank and Television guitars, both are due in March and will sit at higher price ranges.


The Blank

The Blank comes in either Masterbuilt or Teambuilt incarnations and is available in a variety of pickup configurations. These include Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound STL-3 /STL-1 single coil pickups or Seymour Duncan Humbucker SH-4 / SH-1 humbuckers.

With its Telecaster-style control plate and simple layout, we saw a prototype back around the beginning of this year, so we have a good idea of what to expect from them already. What we didn’t know at the time was that they were developed with Devin Townsend and that his influence was a major part of their design.


Also available at two price points depending on who makes it, the new Television is actually based upon a much earlier original Framus design hailing from the 1960s. This model allegedly has an offset body style.

This one has a Tune-O-Matic Bridge and hard tail, a stop piece and comes loaded with two Seymour Duncan APH-1 humbuckers or two Seymour Duncan P90s.


High End?

The prices for Teambuilts range in price from 2110 to 2290 Euros for the The Blank model, with Television between 3050 and 2990 Euros. We expect the Masterbuilt models will cost you substantially more.

Neither guitar is particularly cheap, whichever variation you go for. I can’t see them selling that many at these prices. However, I don’t doubt that they will play superbly and if last month’s demos of the then called ‘Plank’ are anything to go by, then they should sound pretty good as well.

I’m personally not a huge fan of the styling of the two models and think they look a little frumpy. That may have a negative affect on their mass appeal, as we guitarists are a fickle bunch at the best of times!

Check out the Framus site below for all the variations on offer for these two models.

Framus site

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Framus The Blank Television guitars

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4 responses to “Framus launches pricey new The Blank and Television guitar models”

    Steve says:

    Lets see, they can’t compete with USA manufactures in sales so they decide to overprice them even more???? Yea, that will do a lot for the brand……

      Jef says:

      I would imagine these would be of limited appeal to the masses anyway. But, if you have the inclination for something different, then they are probably a great guitar. Even if they do look a little ugly.

      JonasOfToronto says:

      I would buy such an instrument even to support a nation that promotes real first-world living standards & that is not economically at the mercy of banks & investment companies, big pharma & corporations.

      Kind of how I feel about Mephisto shoes, affordable over there & completely made in France / Portugal by EU nationals. Top quality, leather-lined with no synthetic materials, no Chinese slave wage labor etc. Plus they add something good to your daily life and don’t stink like all synthetic shoes soon begin to.

      I suppose not everything is about the race to the bottom, wherever that may be going on today.

        Unapologist says:

        Wait, Germany is not being run by big banks, investment companies or big pharma? Thanks for a good laugh Jonas!
        As for these Framus, not my thing, but the build quality is luthier level. Plus it is something different than a boring american made PRS which are the real overpriced items.

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