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Doepfer A100 Slimline modules

Doepfer A100 Slimline modules  ·  Source: Doepfer


Doepfer was showing a range of new slimline modules at Superbooth this year. Of the eight on show seven are now available leaving only the A-111-6 Mini Synth Voice to come.



This new range is great. They are simple but comprehensive, small in HP but big on functionality. You can build a modular system with them into a lunchbox case without too much trouble. All the basics are covered but with just enough Doepfer innovation to keep things interesting.

  • A118-2 Noise Random S&H: Two colours of noise, Blue and Red, with a rate and level controllable random voltage output which also runs the sample & hold or Track & hold output. €80.
  • A121-3 VCF: -12dB multimode filter with low, high, band and notch options all available simultaneously in only 4HP. Manual and CV control over resonance and cutoff and you can push it into self-oscillation. €100.
  • A130-2 VCA: 2 channel VCA with linear and exponential responses. €80.
  • A138i Interrupting Mixer: 4 channel mixer with mutes for each input. It has single outputs and a mix output and can handle audio or CV. This one if woefully wide at 6HP! €80.
  • A138n Narrow Mixer: That’s more like it, back to 4HP with the Narrow Mixer. 4 inputs, level knobs and two mix outputs. €50.
  • A145-4 LFO: This is 4 LFOs in 4HP square wave or triangle. €80.
  • A182-2 Quad Switch: A passive and useful utility module that contains 4 changeover switches. Each channel can switch between two signals. €60.

Looking forward to the mini synth voice. All it really needs now is some kind of little sequencer and maybe an output module and you’ve got an entire system.

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Doepfer A100 Slimline modules

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