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Doepfer Slim Live Series

Doepfer Slim Live Series  ·  Source: Doepfer

Doepfer is always coming up with something useful. This time around it’s a bunch of “Slim Line” modules with which you could pretty much build a whole system under 30hp.

Slim Line Series

The first module in the series is actually an entire synth voice in 10hp. The A-111-6 has a triangle core VCO with frequency and pulse width modulation. There’s a sub oscillator or you can mix in an external input. The VCF is 24dB low pass with CV control over cutoff and envelope amount. The envelope can be set to AR, ADSR or AD modes and has a useful LED that follows the shape. It’s a proper little synthesizer in small space for €180.

Doepfer Slim Line A-111-6

Doepfer Slim Line A-111-6

The other modules in the range are as follows:

A-118-2 Noise/Random/T&H/S&H – All sorts of noise and randomness can be pulled out of this module. You can mix blue and red noise for a coloured noise output or go all in on the white noise output. You can switch between Track & Hold or Sample & Hold signals which need a clock input to function. The Random output is continuous and is controlled via the Rate and Level knobs. €80.

A-121-3 12dB Multimode Filter – A nicely compact filter with low, high, notch and band pass outputs. The cutoff has 2 CV inputs so you can apply an LFO and an envelope. The resonance is manually controlled and can push it into self-oscillation. €100.

A-130-2 Dual linear/Exp VCA – It’s a two-channel VCA (sometimes these things get over-complicated). €80.

A-138n Narrow Mixer – 4 channel mixer with level control and 2 identical outputs. €50.

A-138i Interrupting Mixer – Same as the Narrow Mixer but with mutes and individual outputs which either remove the channel from the mix out, or don’t. €80.

A-145-4 Quad LFO – Pulse and triangle outputs. €80.

A-182-2 Quad Switches – A useful utility that switches between signals. €60.

Doepfer Slim Live Series

Doepfer Slim Live Series

Possibly the only thing missing is an envelope and a regular oscillator. But you can pick up the 4hp A-111-3 Micro Precision VCO which would fit in nicely for €160. And the A-142 Dual Envelope in 8hp for €130.

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