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Behringer System 100

Behringer System 100  ·  Source: Behringer


These are authentic reproductions of the Roland System 100M modules from 1974 in Eurorack compatible form. There are 11 in total covering VCOs, filters, envelopes, VCAs, modulation, effects and more.


System 100

Behringer had mentioned these last year and there had been rendered images of them up on ModularGrid. But now they’ve revealed the physical working products.


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Here’s the detail:

  • 112 dual oscillator with 3 waveforms, PWM and two sync modes
  • 121 dual filter with 3-channel mixer per filter
  • 130 dual VCA, again with dual 3-channel mixers
  • 140 dual envelope has 3 outputs per ADSR plus a built-in LFO that can be triggered and phase synced
  • 173 gates module comes even with four gates that can switch audio and 6 quad buffered multiples
  • 297 has a dual portamento controller plus two independent CV mixers
  • 150 brings a ring modulator, 2 noise generators, syncable LFO and a sample and hold generator
  • 172 module delivers a 6-step phase-shifter, an analog delay, an LFO and a gate delay
  • 305 is an output module a four-band parametric EQ, a 4-channel mixer, line and separate headphone output and even a tuning oscillator
  • 182 there is a powerful analog sequencer with either dual 8 steps or 1-16 steps and tempo, portamento and gate time controls
  • 110 is a complete synth voice with VCO, VCA and filter in a single module

These are quite complicated and serious modules that, for me, come across a bit dated and fussy and not in a cool vintage way. Although there are plenty of useful things in here, I mean who wouldn’t want a dual Roland filter? There’s no doubt that they are interesting and desirable and should be keenly priced but  I think there are more exciting things to come.

No word on pricing or availability yet but had them for around €89 each.

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Behringer System 100

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4 responses to “NAMM 2020: Behringer releases the System 100 Eurorack modules”

    Bryan Nails says:

    Agree, they sound so 70’s. For such a price you have those Dreadbox modules which are more Roland ‘Creamy’ and better sounding for today’s needs.

      richard says:

      really how do you know dreadbox are more Roland???? and of course they sound 70’s
      as do all pulse saw ramp triangle oscillators – hmm
      more Behringer bashing – I had 7 system 100s cant wait for these if your needs are analogue the system 100 is incredible as are the Dreadbox nodules.
      Your post as the original article is full of holes – dated and not cool vintage?
      The system 100 is not cool vintage sounding – why not?
      Its a classic
      Contradictions contradictions- you are probably working for Dreadbox

        Robin says:

        I think you misread my points. They sound fabulous! My criticism is of the styling and interface – it’s a personal thing obviously. Multiple features are not always helpful when you are starting out in Eurorack. But hey, I’m just expressing an opinion and i’m sure many people will enjoy them as i hope to too at some point.

          richard says:

          apologies I thought you were knocking the sound
          Dread box have multiple features and I was particularly interested by the filter
          multi features can take a lot of learning, however given the price point….
          I have a sys 500 dual osc and 505 filter and I have been waiting for good vca lfo and envs but not at the roland price point

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