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Crazy Deal! SSL Fusion Violet EQ is down almost 90 percent right now!

Crazy DeaL! SSL Fusion Violet EQ is down almost 90 percent right now!  ·  Source: SSL


There is a new SSL deal in town! This time, it’s the SSL Fusion Violet EQ – one of the most musical equalizers for mixing on the market. The VST is down almost 90 percent right now, which is about as cheap as it gets. So you’ll get premium sound for a supreme bargain! But be quick as the offer is only up for a couple more days. 


SSL Fusion Violet EQ – Another VST from the legendary Fusion hardware unit

Some of you deal hunters might be scratching their heads and asking: didn’t we just have a deal on a VST from SSL’s Fusion Series? You’re right! And both VSTs, the Vintage Drive and this week’s Fusion Violet EQ have their roots in SSL’s first new EQ circuit in 25 years: the SSL Fusion hardware processor. 

SSL Violet EQ

But where Vintage Drive brought analog warmth and saturation to your mixes, SSL Fusion Violet EQ emulates the hardware unit’s equalizer. In that, it’s a 2-band shelving EQ with minimum phase shifting. If you’ve ever asked yourself, why even bother with any analog-style EQ if there is a perfectly fine EQ in your DAW, try raising the higher frequency bands, with, say, a high-shelf above 4k or 5k.

Notice how that quickly sounds harsh? And how, no matter what type of signal you do this on – a drum bus, vocals, or a whole track, does it always sound harsh the same way? That’s where emulations such as the SSL Fusion Violet EQ or other legendary EQs like the Pultec EQP-1A come in. Analog-style EQs help you raise frequency bands, either shelf or bell, in ways that actually make the material sound better.

SSL Fusion Violet EQ Download
SSL Fusion Violet EQ Download
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Two shelves, one FAT button, 90 percent off

With SSL Fusion Violet EQ, you get a high-shelf-band and a low-show-shelf-band. Each can dampen or raise above/below its set frequency up to nine decibels. For the high-shelf band, you get to choose between 8k, 12k, 16k, or even 20k as the frequency. Furthermore, with the low-shelf-band, you can switch between 30, 50, 70, or 90 Hertz for that massive subbass.


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There is also a high-pass filter included for rolling off those super-low frequencies. With it, you can also engage the FAT button, which increases the resonance around the selected filter frequency.

Best of all, the SLL Fusion Violet EQ usually runs at almost 250 USD, and it’s almost 90 percent off right now! You can choose whether you want to get it over at Thomann (Affiliate) or at Plugin Boutique (Affiliate). But be quick! The VST will only be available at this price until October 10, 2023! 

SSL Fusion Violet EQ

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Crazy Deal! SSL Fusion Violet EQ is down almost 90 percent right now!

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