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Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII- 2-in-1 stereo magnetiser

Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII- 2-in-1 stereo magnetiser  ·  Source:


The Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII is the culmination of the work of Tom Cooper who is formerly of CooperFX and Chase Bliss founder Joel Korte. They have now launched this new version of their sold-out Generation Loss tape and it will no doubt be very popular.


Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII

This Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII is the first official pedal release since the company announced that they were going to a business model of selling directly to the customer. They describe the effect as a ” study of tape in all its forms” which should give you a vague idea of what to expect. Expect an emulation of how magnetic tape can be manipulated, and once you see those Wow and Flutter controls, it all makes sense.

Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII pedal

Worn Tape

Tape Models

As ever with Chase Bliss pedals, there are a lot of controls, mini-toggle switches and a set of DIP switches to tweak on the Generation Loss MKII. The Models control allows you to select from 10 tape models, these include things like VCR, cassette, camcorder and even a toy cassette option. The Volume control offers up to a 2 times output boost then you have controls for tape-style malfunctions labelled Failure, and Saturation for introducing analogue saturation. So there is lots of scope for virtual tape manipulation here.

Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII- 2-in-1 stereo magnetiser

DIP switches

Hidden Modes

The pedal can run in Classic mode which gives you the original CooperFX Generation Loss pedal, or you can opt to dive even further via four hidden settings. Holding down both footswitches turns some knobs into alt controls

  • WOW = AUX ONSET: Sets how long it takes for the AUX effects to set in.
  • FLUTTER = HISS LEVEL: Sets the volume of the hiss introduced by the NOISE toggle.
  • SATURATE = MECHANICAL NOISE LEVEL: Sets the volume and type of mechanical noise introduced by the NOISE toggle.
  • FAILURE = CRINKLE/POP LEVEL: Sets the volume of the crinkles and pops introduced by the FAILURE knob.

Dry and Noise switches adjust the dry-wet balance and mechanical noise levels. Whilst Aux allows you to choose from three effects engaged by footswitch, These include a tape-stop effect; a momentary wet-bypass, and one that makes the virtual tape machine implode.


The pedal has a Stereo I/O,  MIDI, CV control, and expression control, which covers a lot of bases and makes it a pretty versatile effect. I would recommend you check out the demo video below, as there is an awful lot going on with this effect.

Price and Availability

The Chase Bliss Audio Generation Loss MKII is priced at $399/€469 and is expected to ship between late September to early November.

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Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII- 2-in-1 stereo magnetiser

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