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Bogner La Grange pedal FX pedal effects gold Vintage Marshall Plexi tones

Bogner LA Grange pedal. Vintage Marshall Plexi tones  ·  Source:


Bogner Amplification have just announced the La Grange pedal, which aims to produce all your vintage Marshall Plexi amplifier tones in one compact yet feature-packed little pedal. 


Reinhold Bogner knows a thing or two about guitar amplifiers. No argument, he really is a living legend in the guitar amplifier world. He has designed some of the greatest modern amps on the market today. Now Reinhold has applied his encyclopaedic knowledge to the new La Grange pedal. This offers a serious amount of control packed into a small pedal and with all the classic Marshall Plexi features, with popular modifications catered for as well.

The official demo gives a really clear indication of what this pedal can achieve and it does to my ear sound very much like a vintage Plexi should. You even get a dedicated Channel Blend control for jumping channels like on the original four-input Marshall amplifiers! I like the fact that he has taken into account many of the ways that players tweaked the original Marshall amps. For example he has three gain modes: Low (plexi), Medium (normal) and High (modded) gain as well as a Variac mode.

The Variac was used by player like Eddie Van Halen to starve the amp of current and thus achieve supposedly his signature ‘Brown Sound’ from the early Van Halen recordings. Combine this with the three gain modes and already this pedal can cover a lot of ground tonally. You can even control the gain level using an optional external foot switch!

The term Plexi refers to a whole range of Marshall amps from the late Sixties and not just one amp model. Combine this with all the player modifications done to these amps to customise them and it can become a bit of a minefield for the casual amp user. It seems Reinhold has done a pretty good job with capturing the essence of the different iterations of this classic rock guitar amp.

There are so many modes I would recommend watching the Bogner YouTube video below and listening to how they all affect the overall song of the La Grange.


Bogner La Grange pedal FX pedal effects gold Vintage Marshall Plexi tones

Bogner La Grange – A lot of control squeezed into a little gold box!


Features taken from the Bogner site

  • True bypass
  • Independent boost with level control
  • Master Controls: volume, tone, channel blend and gain controls
  • Channel Blend simulates the two channels of a four input 67-69 plexi amplifier
  • 3 position gain switch for low (plexi), medium (normal) and high (modded) gain structure
  • Variac mode for “brown sound”, added dynamic compression with enhanced harmonics
  • 2 position presence switch for overall brightness
  • 3 position structure switch for a tight focused, fat loose or in between sound and feel
  • Jacks: input, output and exp. for foot controllable gain via the output of a volume pedal
  • Low Battery Indicators: LEDs blink when battery voltage drops below critical threshold
  • Premium components include: Double sided gold plated circuit boards, German WIMA capacitors, Japanese Nichicon capacitors and gold plated relays, Carling switches and more


Full La Grange specifications here: Bogner Amplification


RRP USD $249.99



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  • Bogner La Grange - A lot of control squeezed into a little gold box!:
Bogner La Grange pedal FX pedal effects gold Vintage Marshall Plexi tones

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