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Bogner Ecstasy Red and Blue Mini pedals

Bogner Ecstasy Red and Blue Mini pedals  ·  Source: Bogner


Bogner has just announced new Ecstasy Red and Blue Mini pedals that are due to released on 19 November. These are scaled-down versions of the original Ecstasy pedals came out back in 2012. I wrote about these back in January, during NAMM and now they are finally here!


Bogner Ecstasy Red and Blue Mini pedals

The original Bogner Ecstasy Red and Blue pedals are both firm favourites with many guitarists because of the amp-like, natural-sounding gain structures. I own the Red version and I think it’s a very good distortion pedal. In fact, it’s so good that I use it on many occasions instead of using actual amp gain.

Red is the heavier version, whilst the Blue is slightly cooler and more crunchy. Both were based on real amp channels, apparently. Mr Reinhold Bogner has quite the background in boutique amp design, so he knows a thing or two about it.

Ecstasy Blue Mini

Bogner Ecstasy Blue and the new Mini version

No loss?

Both the new mini versions are powered by a 9 V DC power supply only, so no batteries here, unlike the originals. They are, of course. true-bypass and the have active Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls just like their larger siblings.

I like that they use a variac to give the sag of a real valve-driven amp, with dynamic compression. To my ear, they feel very natural. Expect touch sensitivity and your playing dynamics to come through when using these. That is, assuming they are as good as the larger versions…

On paper, they look like they are practically identical, just slightly smaller. They still include the high-quality components like double-sided, gold plated circuit boards, German WIMA capacitors, Japanese Nichicon capacitors, gold plated relays and Carling switches.

Bogner Ecstasy Red Mini

Bogner Ecstasy Red Mini, for more gain!

Familiar control

If you know the original pedals, the control layout will seem familiar, so you should easily be able to get around them. The controls are: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Volume on both pedals. The mini-toggle switches are used for engaging the variac and selecting the Mode for different gain settings. The Pre-EQ switch adds ‘openness’ and presence in the higher range harmonics.


Last up, there’s a Structure switch that allows you to choose between various models of the original Ecstasy amplifier EQ/gain characteristics. After all, Bogner did model these circuits after his own amps, which themselves are kind of boutique hybrids of classic Plexi style circuits.

Red or Blue?

As I mentioned earlier, I own the Red Ecstacy myself and love it, so I would expect these new smaller versions to be just as good. You just have to decide which to take “Red or Blue?” (Matrix style) or you could just be greedy and take both!

I’m just wondering if he will do the La Grange next…

RRP – USD 199 each

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Bogner Ecstasy Red and Blue Mini pedals

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