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Foxgear Tweed 55 vs a real 1967 Fender Black Face Twin

Foxgear Tweed 55 vs a real 1967 Fender Black Face Twin  ·  Source: YouTube/Foxgear


Foxgear has announced not one, but two new amp-in-a-pedal format amplifiers. Both pedals are based on two absolute stone cold classic amps from either side of the Pond. The new Tweed 55 and Plexi 55 pedals model two legendary amps, one American, the other British, and both sound great.


Foxgear Tweed 55 and Plexi 55

With the Tweed 55 and Plexi 55, Foxgear has attempted to capture the tone and feel of two classic vintage valve amps into single, pedal-sized enclosures. Each pedal measures only 6 x 12 cm, and has top-mounted jacks with the controls and footswitch on the front. They both follow on from the format of the Kolt 45 amp-in-a-pedal, and could be perfect for those wanting to travel light, or looking for a backup for their main amp setup.

FET Preamp

Both the Tweed 55 and Plexiglas 55 use a Class A FET preamp paired with Foxgear’s proprietary Class D power amp section, which is capable of a pretty impressive 55 watts at 4 ohms. The speaker output will also handle 4, 8, and 16 ohm rated cabinets.

The Tweed 55 model is based on a classic Fender Twin Reverb-style amp and stays clean with plenty of headroom, until it hits breakup when it gets really dynamic while still staying chimey. Whereas the Plexi 55, as the name implies, is based on an old Marshall Plexi circuit that wants to breakup a lot sooner to give you those crunchy, raw British amp tones that old Plexi amps do so well.

Each pedal uses a a proprietary 24VDC 4A supply to run, so don’t expect daisy chain them off your regular power supply unit. But, after all, these are mini amplifiers, not effects pedals. You can check out the new Tweed 55 in the demo video below, where they put it up against an original Fender Blackface 1967 Twin Reverb.


The pedals are not currently showing on the manufacturer’s main site, but we expect they’ll be updating it soon.

RRP – USD 149 each

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Foxgear Tweed 55 vs a real 1967 Fender Black Face Twin

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    Someone needs to compare these two with Strymon Iridium.

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