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Best free plug-ins of the week

Best free plug-ins of the week  ·  Source: D10Labo, Full Bucket Music, YouTube / Rast Sound, Gearnews

Sunday is the time for hangovers, roasts, and games in the park. It’s also the time for our weekly round-up of the best free plug-ins, software instruments and sample packs. This week, we’re featuring a nice little phaser, a funky chiptune synth and some authentic sounds from Africa. We’re talking about Full Bucket Phaser, LowBitMonoSyn and African Gyl.

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D10Labo LowBitMonoSyn

Developer D10Labo is pretty new to the scene and has been publishing plug-ins since April of this year. The LowBitMonoSyn is a free, monophonic offspring of the polyphonic LowBitSyn, which was published at the same time and costs USD 35. LowBitMonoSyn is a fun little synth with two oscillators and various low-bit waves (hence the name). It also has two ADR envelopes and an LFO, and it even does FM. The developer says that it sounds like old video games, and that’s pretty much spot on. If you’re into chiptune sounds and synths like RetroBits and Blip Blop, you’re going to love this freebie. LowBitMonoSyn works on Windows and macOS as a VST plug-in only (no AU).

You can download LowBitMonoSyn at the D10Labo website.



Full Bucket Music Full Bucket Phaser

Full Bucket Music is a regular guest in this column, and it’s for a reason. Their software synths like the FB-3300, Qyooo and Modulair are awesome, and they’re all free. This week, there’s no new synth, but a nice little phaser plug-in. The Full Bucket Phaser uses 4 or 8 stages and has all the necessary controls, and it’s stereo. It’s the kind of plug-in that doesn’t look like much, but is always there when you need it and does just what it should. It’s available for Windows (VST) and macOS (AU, VST). Consider making a donation to Full Bucket Music when you download Full Bucket Phaser, because their work and dedication is amazing.

The Full Bucket Phaser is available here.

Full Bucket Phaser

Full Bucket Phaser

Rast Sound African Gyl

Rast Sound is an expert for ethnic ‘world music’ type sounds. This freebie gives you a taste of what to expect from their Rare Instruments Collection, which costs EUR 199. African Gyl is a Kontakt and WAV library that includes solo sounds and patterns from a King Gyl tonal percussion instrument. The sound quality is top notch, and the Gyl can certainly bring an unusual flavor to your tracks.

Get African Gyl at the Rast Sound website.

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