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Best free plug-ins this week

Best free plug-ins this week: Fresh Air, Bucket Pops and CHOW Matrix  ·  Source: Chowdhury-DSP, Gearnews

This week’s collection of the best free plug-ins brings you a breath of Fresh Air, a fun vintage drum machine and a unique delay that grows like a tree. Here’s Fresh Air, Bucket Pops and CHOW Matrix.

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Slate Digital Fresh Air

Slate Digital Fresh AirWe don’t typically see the big names of the audio and plug-in industries in this column, so it’s a very pleasant surprise when we do. Fresh Air by Slate Digital is a “dynamic high frequency processor that breathes new life into your mix”. You can adjust the effect with the “mid air” and “high air” knobs and put it on individual tracks or the stereo mix. The developer claims that it adds brilliance without sounding harsh or brittle, and judging by the demo tracks, I don’t think they’re exaggerating.

Fresh Air is available for macOS 10.13-10.15 (Intel only) and Windows 8 or 10 in AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats (64 bit). You need a free iLok account for activation.

Get Fresh Air here

Full Bucket Music Bucket Pops

Full Bucket Music Bucket PopsAcclaimed freeware developer Full Bucket Music is back with an emulation of the Korg Mini Pops-7 drum machine from 1966. This early analog machine became famous for being used by Jean-Michel Jarre on “Oxygène”. The Mini Pops’ 15 drum sounds have been modeled (not sampled) and are tweakable. The emulation also contains the 20 original rhythm patterns, which are editable. If you’re into lo-fi analog beats, definitely check this one out.

Bucket Pops is available for macOS and Windows in VST and AU formats (32/64 bit).

Get Bucket Pops here

Chowdhury-DSP CHOW Matrix

Chowdhury DSP CHOW MatrixDeveloper Jatin Chowdhury brought us the fantastic CHOW Tape earlier this year. His latest creation is CHOW Matrix, a unique delay effect with delay lines that grow like branches of a tree. Each node delays the audio from its ‘parent node’ and offers control over the delay time, feedback, panning, filtering and distortion. Think of it as a multi-tap delay with a unique visualization system. It’s nice to see a developer approaching a familiar effect like delay in a fresh way!

CHOW Matrix is available for macOS, Windows and Linux in VST, VST3 and AU formats.

Get CHOW Matrix here


Audio demo

2 responses to “Best free plug-ins this week: Fresh Air, Bucket Pops and CHOW Matrix”

  1. Jon B says:

    Jatin has also set up a Patreon now so you can support his work now if you want to 🙂

  2. John G says:

    For the Chow Matrix DLL, go the link above to get to the GitHub page, navigate to the “bin” directory, press either the Mac version or the Windows 32 version or the Windows 64 version, then look for the “Download” button. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you can examine the file contents.

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